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Mission Statement

Greenleaf Communities is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that engages multi-disciplinary teams to investigate problems that affect health of humans and the environment. Our fundamental philosophy is that the best, most efficient way to deal with many human health issues is to address the environmental factors that cause them, rather than simply focus on treatment.


Greenleaf Communities develops and coordinates research projects into the fundamental environmental factors that have the greatest influence on human health, the soils in which we grow our food, the air we breathe and the water we drink. Addressing the integrity of these elements at the source has the highest potential to prevent a broad range of human ailments and better all of society.

We are currently engaged in research into soil management tools and practices that will reduced agricultural pollution into our lakes and rivers and will help to reclaim contaminated urban soils so that they can be used for community gardening.

We work with established academic researchers in fields of soil management, environmental management, and epidemiology, among others, to develop sound scientific research.



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by Brian C. (2013-08-11 02:43:22.0)
A very professional organization with qualified individuals and a fantastic goal. I hope the best for its future.