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Mission Statement

NeighborWorks Rochester is a community-based nonprofit organization that, while autonomous, is a part of the national NeighborWorks network. Our mission is to increase and maintain home ownership in the city of Rochester , as well as renew and support healthy neighborhoods. We accomplish our mission through financial literacy education, home improvement lending, flexible mortgage programs, and technical services including lead inspection. Through a comprehensive system for homebuyer development, NeighborWorks Full-Cycle LendingSM, we are able to assist families into home ownership and help ensure their long-term success as homeowners. These services are provided in cooperation with residents and local partners, including lenders, insurers, construction specialists, government agencies and other nonprofit organizations.



¨ Homeownership Education

NeighborWorks Rochester offers a full range of programs to people planning to buy a home as well as to those who already own a home. Topics include financial literacy, loan and mortgage products, realtors, inspections, insurance, the closing process, and home maintenance. To complement our class offerings, we also offer individual financial counseling.

¨ Home Improvement Lending

NeighborWorks Rochester assists people to make repairs and improvements to their homes through a low-interest-rate loan. These loans are also available for emergency repairs. Our construction staff will help outline repair or improvement needs and will also work with customers to select a contractor to complete the project and act as a liaison between the customer and the contractor throughout the project as needed.

¨ Lead Hazard Control Services

In order to protect new and existing homeowners from potential hazards of lead based paint, NeighborWorks Rochester offers a variety of lead paint inspections. These services are not only offered to our housing customers, but are also available to contractors, realtors, property owners and other neighborhood agencies.

¨ Healthy Neighborhoods

NeighborWorks Rochester encourages the creation of neighborhoods of choice in the City of Rochester . In collaboration with other agencies, we focus on helping transitional neighborhoods reach their full potential. By encouraging residents to get involved and by addressing housing, quality of life, safety, business development and beautification issues in key areas, we establish stable, healthy neighborhoods in the city of Rochester .



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