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Mission Statement

The mission of Animal Rescue of Fresno is to eliminate suffering and promote the welfare of dogs through direct action and education. ARF is committed to encouraging the humane treatment of all animals, reducing the number of homeless animals in Fresno County, promoting the benefits of the human/animal bond, and supporting spaying/neutering of all animals.
ARF works towards achieving its mission by:

  • Rescuing dogs from life threatening situations at animal shelters and elsewhere.
  • Finding dogs permanent loving homes with qualified families.
  • Assisting owners of dogs who can no longer keep them to find them new homes.
  • Working cooperatively with animal shelters and other rescue groups in the community towards our common goals of saving dogs' lives and reducing pet overpopulation.
  • Educating the public about the advantages of adopting dogs from shelters and rescue organizations, and about the need for spaying and neutering dogs.
  • Educating owners and prospective owners of dogs about their proper care and training, and about other aspects of the breed


Animal Rescue of Fresno (ARF) was established in 1998 by a group of community members in Fresno, CA that wanted to do something about the high number of homeless dogs that were dying because no one gave them a chance to find their forever home.

ARF began its operations out of a small facility on Belmont Ave and Highway 99. ARF moved to its current location on Dakota Ave. in 2005. From its humble beginnings, ARF has grown quickly, so that more and more dogs each year can be rescued and adopted out to loving forever homes.

ARF is a private, non-profit, animal welfare organization with the goal of reducing the number of homeless dogs in Fresno County. We do not rescue cats, birds, or wild animals though we do work with a variety of different rescue groups to support the care of all animals.

How does ARF help animals?
ARF helps dogs a variety of programs, including adoption, owner assist placements, and the senior program. These programs help fulfill ARF's mission by reducing the number of homeless dogs and ensuring the humane treatment of animals.

How is ARF different from Animal Control or the Central Valley SPCA?
ARF is a private, non-profit, animal welfare organization, dependent on donations. Animal control departments and the Central Valley SPCA are county or city agencies, funded by taxpayer dollars that are set up primarily to meet the city or county's animal control needs. However, ARF, the various city Animal Control departments, and the Central Valley SPCA work together to save as many lives a possible. At ARF, healthy and loving animals are never put to death to make room for more incoming animals. At ARF, as new homes are found for our dogs, more dogs who have run out of time at public shelters are rescued.

Is ARF a "No-Kill" organization?
ARF is committed to finding homes for adoptable dogs - meaning dogs that are healthy and free of serious behavior problems. Dogs are euthanized only if they are too sick to be rehabilitated, or too aggressive to be placed safely in a home. The decision to euthanize a dog is not taken lightly and EVERY effort is made to rehabilitate a dog so that euthanasia is not necessary.

Why can't ARF take in more dogs from the people who call to ask for help?
For every call that ARF receives regarding adoption, there is about 5-8 calls from people trying to find a home for their own dog. ARF takes in as many dogs as there is room for at both the facility and in foster homes. Unfortunately, ARF does not have the resources to take in every dog in need of a new home. However, every caller is provided with resources and suggestions for keeping their dog or for finding their dog a new home.

Why is ARF so particular about who adopts a dog, since so many dogs need a home?
ARF is committed to placing our dogs with caring and responsible adopters. The dogs in our care count on ARF to do so, and we make a financial and emotional commitment to every dog that comes through our doors. ARF's objective is to place dogs with adopters who understand and accept that they are making a lifetime commitment to the dog. This means that not all dogs and potential adopters will be a match for each other.

What is ARF's facility like?
ARF’s facility is located on about 2 acres of property on Dakota Ave. between Maple and Cedar in Fresno, CA. The facility has separate areas to accommodate the various types of dogs in our care. Currently the facility includes the following areas: small dogs, large dogs, quarantine, mom & puppies, and senior dogs. The dogs are able to spend several hours a day playing with each other in the outdoor play yards and are kept cozy at night in their indoor kennels.


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