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Mission Statement


Empowering fathers. Strengthening family.


Day With Daddy is committed to building stronger families by empowering fathers to have more impact in the lives of their children.


Day With Daddy is a social online community that provides fathers with the tools and resources necessary to plan and organize activities that are designed build stronger relationships with their children. We accomplish this through serving local communities and through reaching our global audience through our website at http://www.daywithdaddy.org.



Day With Daddy was founded on Feb 19, 2012 and formed as a Texas not-for-profit organization on February 13, 2013. We connect fathers who spend limited time with their children with resources, activities, and events that are designed to foster a healthy parenting relationship.

Day With Daddy is close to the Executive Director’s, Arvin Poole, heart and is his passion. As a co-parent and father of three girls, Arvin has learned first-hand that being a parent is a work in progress role that requires on the job training. Continuous learning is essential. Day With Daddy is a selfless purpose and mission. The non-profit provides a platform to share resources to empower fathers and build stronger families. In addition, it provides connections. Day With Daddy facilitates networking and cooperative learning. In sharing, fathers can review and improve their practices.

Day With Daddy is organized to advocate and promote effective fatherhood by empowering fathers and strengthening family through outreach activities, educational and training programs, and community involvement. It is our duty to connect to fathers of all situations that are designed to foster a healthy parenting relationship. To measure success with Day with Daddy we have to find a way to measure how well we are influencing the next generation. Our programs are structured around ways to build a better bond between fathers and their children and stimulate that to make it a positive relationship.

The Organization intends to develop programs to address the issues of fatherlessness including, but not limited to, programs for traditional fathers, first-time fathers, step fathers, single fathers, divorced fathers, non-custodial fathers, widowed fathers, father figures, co-parenting, and family integration. The Organization will concentrate its educational and outreach activities in communities and neighborhoods most directly affected by fatherlessness, with an emphasis on low- and middle-income, multicultural, and urban communities. The Organization's educational programs - together with its workshops, public lectures, and seminars - are educational in that they provide instruction and training useful to the individual(s) and beneficial to the community at large.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America (1 of 3) live in biological father-absent homes. This is a huge issue and Arvin is personally committed in sharing his common concern in being a part of building stronger families by empowering fathers to have more impact in the lives of their children.

Absentee parenting is growing and Day With Daddy wants to help reduce this staggering statistic. Day with Daddy is designed to be a platform for like-minded fathers inspired by the experiences that are shared and designed to stimulate an active parental relationship with their children.



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