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Mission Statement

1. Provide palliative and supportive care services to the terminally ill patient and family.

2. To provide the terminally ill and their families with care to allow the patient to remain at home as long as possible up to and including death, if that is the patient's desire.

3. To promote physical, psychologial, social and spiritual well being for the terminally ill and their families through the intergration of all hospice services.

4. To encourage the patient to be actively involved in decision-making reguarding care.

5. To alleviate symptoms-physical, emotional, spiritual, psychosocial-enabling the patient and family to concentrate on quality of living.

6. To provide, on a inpatient basis, temporary or intermittent care to control symptoms or modify treatment and provide short term respite care to relieve the caregiver/family.

7. To reduce the cost of dying for the terminally ill.

8. To continue to support the family after the patients death through visits, phone contacts, mailings, and through community breavement groups.

9.To provide service, support, and education for physicians, staff, volunteers, lay people, and clergy who care for the terminally ill.


Intrepid is looking for a few good men, women, teens, or seniors to make a difference as a hospice volunteer. Hospice volunteers are a work of the heart!

Volunteers are a vital part of the hospice process. Many volunteers are introduced to hospice through the death of a family member, but nearly 20% of volunteers are new to hospice. Volunteers consistently report that helping the terminally ill through hospice is not about dying but about living.

Hospice volunteers help in a variety of ways. Some examples of volunteering include (but are not limited to):

Patient Comfort- this includes direct patient care such as visiting with, listening to, reading, or singing with the patient.

Caregiver Support-Volunteers allow family caregivers to take a break and get some time away from their home. Caregivers and families also appreciate a visit from someone who understands and is willing to listen.

Bereavement Support-Volunteers can work with bereavement staff to assist with mailings, phone calls, or support groups.

Administrative-this could include helping with clerical or simple office duties.

Professional-Such as nurses, physicians, or therapist to provide massage, pet, or music therapy.

Intrepid would love to see you become part of our team. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you make a difference in people’s lives.

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