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Mission Statement

Unitying Gods kid and organizing ther talents to help people own new life in Christ,spiritual training ,Job training,place to stay .From homeless to getting out of jail


What is Christ Like Services?

Christ Like Services brings people together; those who need help and those who want to give help, enabling pastors, churches and organizations to use their God-given gifts and resources. This service helps the needy start new lives, and allows believers to use the talents the Lord has given them, making it easy and as safe as possible for God’s church and children to do as He has instructed us in Matthew 25:35-36. The services provided by Christ-Like Services make a bridge, formed by a network of Christians offering their talents and gifts, for example; rides, temporary housing, teaching skills, (i.e. bookkeeping, carpentry work or automotive repair) to those needing a helping hand.

10,000 FOR JESUS:

EVANGELISTIC TEAM (throws out the net) A toll-free number is made available on cards, tracks or various evangelistic tools, that are handed out during outreach ministries. When the number is called, our staff helps individuals get to Boot Camp using services provided by willing Christians in that area.

BOOT CAMP (sifts through the net with the Spirit’s help)

At Boot Camp, prayer and discernment are used to separate the sincere from the insincere. All participants receive the gospel message and basic essentials. Those who demonstrate sincerity and want new life are given a spiritual mentor. This spiritual mentor or discipler will pray and minister to them, guiding them through the process, and drawing on the talents and resources provided by Christians in their community, to meet their needs.

The new believers will be placed into a discipleship program that will provide the tools they need for Abundant Life in Christ, and give them the direction and avenue of ministry and service that will be completed in their final phase: missionary preparation.



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