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Mission Statement

Opening the doors of a state of the art, production studio to a community of passion led artists who have a gift to share with the worlds they impact. Social Digital Media exists to create and maintain production standards of excellence that develop artists across genres, helping them perfect and package their unique gifts and talents by providing access to top notch, technologically superior equipment, training and education.

We move art from concept to impact, because Social Digital Media moves the world from disconnected to connected.


Social Digital Media - the future is now

Social Digital Media Inc. (SDM Inc) is a Not For Profit, Digital Public Multi-Media Production Facility, structured to serve the Public and Independent Producers of Digital Media primarily for the web. SDM Inc offers an alternative to mainstream media outlets and removes the barriers of limited/low exposure air-time segments (generally offered by Commercial Radio/TV), that don't allow for the full impact of the message to be delivered. SDM Inc will offer state of the art digital recording studios to allow its members to create portable professional quality digital, video and audio productions that can easily be re-broadcast (at the whim of the content owner) using any number of the hundreds of web syndication services currently available.

You Make it You own It

These web syndication services are web sites that host and stream video and audio content such as You Tube, Blog Talk Radio, Blip.TV, Live365.com , to name a few. They are the means by which these productions will be aired, streamed and broadcast to the public. Each person that produces content for a web syndication service will be the owner of that content, and will freely choose these services to suit their needs. We will provide the work space, staff, multi-platform digital format and training to produce their content through fees received from their Membership, Hourly Studio Rental, Government Grants, Crowd Source Funds (kickstarter), and Traditional Fundraising.

Everyone Benefits

To put it plainly, any organization that could benefit from exposure of Radio, TV or Film/Video, will benefit from the low cost resources made available through Social Digital Media Inc. via the Internet. In a nutshell, it's Public Broadcasting - for today's generation. We take what people are doing in their normal course of business with video, film and audio recorded media and show them how to stream, convert/compress file formats, archive, broadcast, convert content to on-demand cloud production, maximize web marketing and distribution, use web analytics, and market their content to a global audience.

This includes Churches, Students, Non-Profits, Film Makers, Free-Lance Photographers, Mobile/Citizen Journalists, Public Speakers, Recording Artists, Videographers, Performing Artists, DJ's, Talk Show Host, Conferences, Corporations and Government entities. Any undeserved entity that produces digital media that would not in a normal course of business have the need for a full-time production studio.

The Big Picture

Our goal is to help promote a digitally inclusive society through Emerging Digital Media Production Standards that empower members by providing a digital gateway that provides the tools and personnel needed to produce professional, inexpensive, multimedia in a digital, portable, format to Capture, Deliver and Broadcast their message on Multiple Platforms.

We will create a new culture of Mentor's and Apprentices equipped with Extensible Advanced Production Skills, taught via Informal Education Systems that will foster a brand new learning environment for bridging the digital divide

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