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Mission Statement

The Innocence Project of Florida (IPF) helps innocent prisoners in Florida obtain their freedom and rebuild their lives. Our mission is to:

  • Screen and investigate cases in which meritorious innocence claims are identified;
  • Secure DNA testing when biological evidence exists;
  • Advocate for the release of each inmate excluded from criminal responsibility by this highly critical analysis;
  • Provide transitional and aftercare services to exonerees; and
  • Advocate for necessary criminal justice reform to avoid wrongful incarcerations in the future.


IPF has three over-arching programs: Find & Free the wrongfully convicted, provide Transitional Support for those who have been exonerated, and Reform the Criminal Justice System so wrongful convictions don't happen in the future.

Find & Free: Investigation & Litigation: The Innocence Project of Florida (IPF) screens and investigates cases in which credible innocence claims are identified, secures DNA testing through litigation when biological evidence exists, and advocates for the release of each inmate proven innocent by this highly critical scientific analysis.

Transitional Support for Exonerees: The Florida exonerees, those whose innocence has been proven and who have been released from prison, spent an average of 19.5 years wrongfully incarcerated. Upon their release, the State of Florida provides them nothing - not a change of clothes, not a bus ticket, no support through a re-entry program. IPF has a full-time social worker on staff who arranges for and provides aid to exonerees, which may include medical, psychological, and social support; occupational training and assistance; housing assistance; family support; and education.

Criminal Justice System Reforms: IPF works with people from across the criminal justice system - including prosecutors, victims, law enforcement agencies and defense advocates - to enact meaningful reform. Improving fairness and accuracy in the criminal justice system benefits all segments of society. Victims and their families can see justice; prosecutors and police can have the tools to do their jobs well; the public can have more confidence in the system; and innocent people and their families can avoid the tragedy of wrongful convictions.



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by C R. (2018-02-07 17:51:27.0)
I was trying to contact someone for volunteer purposes I thought I could be beneficial due to work background, but site says positions coming soon. Kind of silly, I figured there would be a questionnaire regarding why interested. Oh well. Hope to hear from someone soon. Cj