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Mission Statement

TADD believes in making driving drunk 'socially unacceptable’. Through education and incentives. TADD believes that society, as a whole, has a responsibility and an opportunity to make a difference. TADD believes we all have equal rights and equal responsibility to make our roads safer places.

TADD follows Christ’s example of 'compassion and forgiveness’ in the way they work. TADD does not believe in turning their back on perpetrators; they are people whose bad habits need exchanging for good. TADD believes in Rehabilitation, Reparation and Reconciliation.


Those Against Drunk driving (TADD) is an educational organization; our purpose is to educate people about the effects of alcohol when driving and alternatives to driving drunk when participating in social events where alcohol is served.

Because we believe whole communities have a role in ensuring our roads are safer to use we hope everyone can participate in our approach

We currently have two programs and researching a third.

Program 1

Essay competition in the local High Schools Each year we provide a question related to drunk driving and rquest an essay approximately 800 words long. We are currently providing a prize for winners and runner-up in each school.

TADD negotiates with local businesses for them to donate the prizes.

We also provide a 'Contract of Love' to each driving student; as a preventative measure so that should they break the law and drink alcohol they can call their parents to collect and drive them home.

Program 2

TADD believes that if an arrestee is willing to volunteer their time to TADD, they will quickly learn to change their habits and ensure a safe ride home.

'A Stitch in Time' program, working with 1st and 2nd time DWI/DUI arrestees. We educate through volunteering from the time of arrest to their day in Court. They will be encouraged to talk to the public about TADD, about their involvement and letting people know their experience and the problems they've encountered since and how, with minor adjustments, they can ensure they don't drive drunk. If they succeed in spreading the word and understand the lesson learnt TADD will provide a letter of recommendation to the court.

Spreading the Word:

- Giving talks to local community organizations, to church groups on a local basis

- through social media

- Staging events to highlight the need for TADD

Raising Funds

- through staged events; corporate donations; social media drives; and encouraging individual donors online.



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