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Mission Statement

Get Healthy South Salt Lake is committed to seeing our community become healthier. Through our volunteer-run gateway centers, we offer a safe, sensitive, and confidential environment for residents to access the services and resources they need for a better quality of life. By making these connections, we empower our community, creating a sustainable tradition of healthy living.


Get Healthy South Salt Lake is a program committed to community development. We want to empower our neighborhoods, taking steps towards a better quality of life. Our gateway centers are run by navigator volunteers like you who direct residents to the resources they need for their basic life comforts. Referrals vary from bare minimum services like food and shelter to quality of life services like after school programs and continuing education.

But our ultimate goal is not to just to connect people to resources, but to educate and empower them to feel more confident when searching out quality of life services. We do this by serving as a point of reference for their needs, becoming part of the community ourselves.

However, Get Healthy is also a community with a place for everyone. Your professional development is important to us, so we are willing to custom tailor a volunteer role that will allow you to see your talents and skills make an impact on public. We accept all media gurus, activity planners, aspiring doctors, general philanthropists - all we ask is that you have a desire to serve.

Those who volunteer with us are greatly appreciated. Not only will you develop critical skills such as intercultural communication, cultural competency, and database proficiency, but you will also grow in your understanding of the interconnectedness of health and quality of life. Aside from the reward of these skills, volunteers will receive recognition for their services via letters of recommendation, paraphernalia, and social activities.

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