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Mission Statement

The mission of The eConnection Endeavor is to respond to community-based needs regarding health and socioeconomic disparities by protecting, educating, and promoting sustainable living in communities by the identification and building of assets as a strategy for improving student achievement, reducing risky behavior and helping youth thrive.

Our program uses a collaborative problem-solving approach to encourage individuals in communities to see each other as resources. Our programs are built upon studies conducted by the Search Institute that show that developmental assets play a significant role in improving students' academic achievement and reducing negative behavior.


"Connecting our Past, Present, and Future Through Innovative Approaches"


Youth Health Outreach Worker (Y-How):

The Youth Health Outreach Worker initiative is a program in which youth participate in activities that improve health disparities in communities by engaging their peers and communities in transforming their environment to enhance the health of the community. This leadership program allows youth to share in the governance of the program and actively engage in community activities that will allow them to learn the values and commitment needed to be effective leaders. Upon completion of the program, youth will understand whY and How their participation in activities can transform their lives and their community.

Ready, Set...ACTION:

In response to President Obama’s call to address youth violence, our "Ready, Set...ACTION" program addresses youth crime and violence by providing youth with holistic training and education necessary for successful living. The training and education activities are aimed toward assisting youth to make specific choices that will give them the opportunity to feel well physically, mentally, and socially. A goal of the program is to develop a best practices model to address youth crime and violence through planning, partnerships, knowledge exchange of challenges and strategies to create sustainable programs and training. Communication and collective engagement will be essential to successful implementation of the program.

Financial Literary (Steps to Success):

The Financial Literacy initiative is a financial education program that provides education and training to individuals about the components of effective money management. The program empowers individuals to be responsible financial stewards of their money while contributing to the economy.

GED Preparation (On the Road to Success):

The General Educational Development (GED) preparation initiative is a program that prepares individuals to take the GED test as an alternative to a High School Diploma. The program prepares individuals to earn the minimum standard score of 410 in the five testing areas: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts/Reading, and Language Arts/Writing. Services and activities are designed to meet the basic educational needs of individuals including counseling and assistance in attaining post-secondary education and financial aid along with entrepreneur development.

Entrepreneurship Program (The Ladder to Success):

The Ladders to Success program will provide youth with an introduction to the values and basics of creating and running a business from startup to scaling. The program will provide support and services to help youth develop their business plans, access financing to begin operation of their business, and provide individualized support to attain a sustainable competitive advantage in the workplace.

Prison Program (The Road Less Traveled):

"The Road Less Traveled" initiative is a program that provides facilitated group sessions to youth to provide mental support to break the cycle of incarceration. Through these series, youth will identify expectations surrounding their ability to perform the behavior needed to influence positive outcomes.

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