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Mission Statement

The Fund for Public Advocacy, affiliated with the Office of the NYC Public Advocate, is an independent nonprofit organization guided by its vision to be a
powerful voice and change agent on critical civic issues for New Yorkers. The Fund's mission is to serve and promote the public good by engaging NYC residents
in policy making and programs that make government more responsive, accountable, innovative and transparent. The organization supports its mission by identifying strategic projects and working with partners to address civic issues through a three pronged approach: our advocacy voice, evidence gathering and recommendations for sustainable solutions.


The Fund for Public Advocacy identifies strategic projects, working with partners, to address civic issues through a three pronged approach: 1) our advocacy voice, 2) evidence gathering and 3) recommendations for sustainable solutions.

Projects fall into five areas:

Community Empowerment
- Civic Engagement: Development of a civic engagement strategic vision for New York City with a Thought Leaders Forum.
-Asian Pacific New Yorkers Count: Data and needs assessment of New York City’s 1.2 million Asian Pacific Americans, recommendations for action and communications plan.

Immigrant Services
- Immigrant Services Manual: Web-based manual in eight languages to serve New York City’s 3 million immigrants.
- Immigrant & Minority Small Business Connection: Web-based success kit to reach at least 5,000 immigrant and minority-owned small businesses.
- DREAM Fellowship: Scholarships and leadership development program for 10 DREAM Act eligible CUNY Students.

Reconnecting Disconnected Youth
- 2013 GED Campaign to Finish: Outreach, engagement and GED preparation programs for 2,500-3,000 young adults (17-24 year olds) with a 75 percent pass rate result on GED by December 2013.

Excellence in Public Education
- Special Education Reform Project: Assessment of Special Education reform in all New York City public schools.
- Parent & Community Engagement Programs: Benchmarking of best practices/models and convening of influencers to stimulate new strategies.

Good Government
- Fiscal Responsibilities Project: Publication on NYC’s long-term financial liabilities, focused on public employee pensions and retiree health care.
-Coalition for Accountability in Political Spending: Passage of regulatory reforms to mandate disclosure of corporate political spending of the roughly 5,000 publicly traded companies in the United States.



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