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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Workplace Justice Project is dedicated to fostering just working conditions for low wage and immigrant workers by striving to create an equitable legal and cultural environment where their contributions are respected and valued. Student practitioners participating in an approved practice through the Stuart H. Smith Law Clinic and Center for Social Justice- Loyola University College of Law, educate our communities about workplace laws, litigate unpaid wages and discrimination claims and shape advocacy which promotes policy upholding the human rights of all workers.


Volunteer at the Wage Claim Clinic!

The Wage Claim Clinic is made possible in large part by dedicated volunteers. Volunteers help us to conduct interviews with workers that haven’t been paid, serve as interpreters and translators for those interviews, or help to research cases. It is because of the volunteers that we are able to extend our services to so many workers.

As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to learn more about issues that face low wage and immigrant workers, practice Spanish or other languages, and help workers to make legal claims to demand the money owed to them.

Here’s what some of our volunteers have to say about their time with us:

"It is one of my favorite things about living in New Orleans. It means a lot to me."

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to volunteer and make a positive impact on the community. I believe the WCC is an excellent resource for Loyola and the community at large."

"[One thing I’ll always remember is] notarizing an agreement for a worker who received payment and I did his initial intake."

"The workers I meet always inspire me."

"My conversations with the workers [are the most memorable part.] In the pockets of time when you are in between steps in the intake process, and they tell you their stories, or where they're from, or introduce you to their new baby. Those are my favorite moments..."

We have a diverse group of volunteers that come to the WCC every Thursday. Among them, there are lawyers and law students, interpreters, undergraduate students, and other people from the community that want to lend a hand in the process of making things right.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact us at (504) 861-5571 or wccnola@gmail.com and come check us out!



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