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Community Charter School

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Community Charter School is a school whose classroom is the community; a partnership of parents, teachers, students and community resources who share a vision of hope for our school and our city.

Educational Philosophies
At Community Charter School, we view students as individuals. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach to learning. Because of this belief, we utilize a variety of instructional methods based on the multiple intelligences to instill a passion for learning in all our students. Below are the various methods we incorporate each instructional day.


Project Based Learning
Project Based Learning is the use of classroom projects to assist in the acquisition of deep learning. Students use projects and inquiry to engage with issues and questions that are interesting and relevant to their lives. These classroom projects are used to assess each student’s subject matter competence and then compared to traditional testing.

Project Based Learning is an approach for classroom activity that emphasizes learning activities that are long-term, interdisciplinary and student-centered. This approach is generally less structured than traditional, teacher-led classroom activities; in a project-based class, students often organize their own work and manage their own time. Within the project based learning framework, students collaborate, working together to make sense of what is going on. Project-based instruction differs from inquiry-based activity by its emphasis on collaborative learning. Additionally, project-based instruction differs from traditional inquiry by its emphasis on students’ own artifact construction to represent what is being learned.

At CCS, we use projects throughout the school year to cover various state content standards. Within these projects we incorporate the arts. Whether it is incorporating music into a documentary or incorporating drama into the creation of an opera, these end projects cover multiple objectives while making it relevant to the students.

The Classroom
The Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test is administered throughout the year. It provides detailed, actionable data about where each child is on their unique learning path. This data gives teachers the opportunity to put children of similar academic ability into small learning group and allows the teacher to set individual learning goals for each student. Students receive intense instruction and support in areas of weakness and are encouraged to find their own upper limits in areas of strength.

Learning Centers are developed by teachers to nurture and grow different learning styles and multiple intelligences. In addition to improving their academic learning experience, students learn to collaborate, problem solve and manage time wisely.
Arts and Academic Integration

Community Charter School utilizes arts integration. At CCS we believe that incorporating arts is crucial to developing a well rounded student. Because of this, we have a full time music teacher and a full time art/drama teacher. These teachers spend half of their time working in the classrooms co-teaching and implementing arts integration into the project based learning activities. Community Charter School utilizes an interdisciplinary academic approach as well. Interdisciplinary learning emphasizes and allows students to seek and discover existing connections between the various academic disciplines.



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