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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Promote the general welfare and natural conservation, preservation and protection of all species of animals.

For the past 22 years, FOCAS has provided.....

Funding - Humane Services - Programs
for Animal Care & Well-Being

..... to support abandoned, homeless and injured animals
at the Bergen County Animal Shelter and
in our Bergen County Community


FOCAS takes seriously its responsibility for sound fiscal stewardship of the funds it raises and the generous donations that you entrust to us. That is why our goal is to insure that both be used exclusively for the well-being of animals. FOCAS is committed to both upholding its mission and honoring your trust. Thank you for allowing us to be instruments of your generosity and compassion . Your support is priceless!

FOCAS is registered with the State of New Jersey as a 501 ( C ) ( 3 ) charitable, non-profit, volunteer humane organization. No FOCAS volunteer or Trustee receives a salary. FOCAS does not pay for professional fundraisers (we do this ourselves). FOCAS does not receive government funding. We do not release our donor list to government agencies, organizations or businesses. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.


FOCAS Cornerstone Programs

FOCAS(Friends of the County Animal Shelter) for the past 22 years has provided and continues to provide funding, volunteer services and humane programs for animal care & well-being for homeless and injured animals at the Bergen County Animal Shelter and throughout Bergen County.

Cornerstone FOCAS programs are: (1)Angel Fund -to provide veterinary services. It primarily includes, but is not limited to, the homeless animals at the Bergen County Animal Shelter. Beneficiaries of the Angel Fund often require emergency treatment and extraordinary medical care costing thousands of dollars. Many of the animals helped, which otherwise would have been euthanized, are now in loving homes.

(2) Feral and Stray Cat Spay/Neuter Program - to provide free spay/neuter and trapping assistance. Cats/kittens that go through the program are: de-wormed, spay/neutered, and given current distemper and rabies vaccines. If the animal requires secondary medical care or surgery, that also is provided. Those going into the FOCAS Adoption Program are tested for feline aids and leukemia.

(3) Adoption Program ? to prevent stray, adoptable animals from being put back on the street or from being surrendered to shelters, it brings rehabilitated strays or kittens from its spay/neuter program together with adopters. These cats and kittens are home nurtured in FOCAS foster homes.
(4)Helping Hand Program offers financial and "people" assistance to individuals referred by local veterinarians who, because of financial or physical hardship, are considering Euthanasia for their pet companion.

(5) FOCASVolunteer Services on site at the Bergen County Animal Shelter for assistance with animal handling, socialization and adoption counseling.

FOCAS is a 501 C 3 non-profit that receives no government funding. No FOCAS volunteer or Trustee receives a salary. FOCAS does not pay for professional fund raisers (we do this ourselves). FOCAS is a 100% volunteer effort.

FOCAS Help Line 201-943-4019
visit www.focasnews.org.

All contributions to FOCAS are tax deductible as allowed by law.



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