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Mission Statement

Building a strong educational foundation for young children to succeed in school and life.


Young children today face significantly different living and learning environments than children of recent generations. One of the biggest factors contributing to this change is that more parents of young children are in the workplace, thus necessitating alternative care and education options for children during working hours. Additionally, a large body of research on early childhood development emphasizing the critical importance of the early years to future academic success has led parents (whether working or not) to seek information and resources on the best approaches to care giving and education during this important developmental period.
CC engages three groups of people in carrying out its mission, to partner with families and communities to build a strong foundation for young children to succeed in school and life: (1) families, (2) providers of early care and education, (3) the community (especially groups within the community who interface with families of young children or who have the potential to influence the quality of the early care and education system). Within each of these groups we attempt to raise awareness of the critical importance of the early childhood years and the important role they play in contributing to healthy child development; we educate so that the groups understand how to best take advantage of this amazing window of opportunity when rapid brain development occurs and social and emotional attachments form; and we lead to action better parenting skills, better choices on care and education settings, higher quality early learning environments; a more engaged and supportive community leading to stronger support for quality early education for all children.



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