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Mission Statement

Bonfire Impact- News Network for Social Activism, Awareness and Good Works. To deliver news and media that promotes charitable organizations, non-profits, social awareness, human rights, social issues, education advocacy, health and several under-covered stories


Bonfire Impact is... A 'Network of Good’- Bonfire Impact brings you something different.... Mainstream Media is constantly pushing out stories on political crisis, celebrity drama and crime... Mostly Negativity... We want to change that. Bonfire Impact wants to show the world the best of what people have to offer. Providing news on People doing the the RIGHT THINGS. From young girls raising money to help the homeless to athletes building homes in Africa. We make the world aware of IMPORTANT ISSUES. Anytime there is a protest fighting for Civil Rights or a group of people being oppressed we report it. A 'Network of Us’ Bonfire Impact brings the world together to LEARN, GROW, and be EMPOWERED. We work with several organizations to bring you the best this World has to offer. We bring together College Students, Non-profit organizers, Athletes, Celebrities, Parents, Kids, Health Trainers, Teachers, Doctors, Protestors... literally EVERYONE. We want to re-instill FAITH in HUMANITY. We want people to go online and say I do live in a great world and here is the proof! 'A Network of Celebration’- When did people doing the right thing become a FLUFF PIECE. We here at Bonfire Impact hate that term. People helping others and creating a better world not be newsworthy. We CELEBRATE people doing the right thing, big or small. We want to INSPIRE the next generation of Givers and Doers. Bonfire Impact wants everyone to believe they can do more to help their fellow man and work little by little to create a BETTER WORLD. We want to shout from the roof tops when people do the RIGHT THINGSbut we don’t have a roof top ( Who needs one??), but we do have the Internet. Lets start celebrating people helping others instead of admiring people doing the wrong things.



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