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Mission Statement

The Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School (NAVSCIATTS)Student Sponsorship Program is an exciting U.S. Navy community outreach program designed to provide American citizens and their families a unique opportunity to meet and interact with International Military Students who are training with Naval Special Warfare Command at Stennis Space Center, Mississippi.


Being a "sponsor" in the Student Sponsorship Program is simply being a FRIEND. Sponsors will act as Citizen Ambassadors, acquainting the International Military Students to American society, customs and way of life.

Please keep in mind:

a. The overall objective of the Sponsorship Program is to make students feel welcome while undergoing training.

b. The impressions YOU leave, affect the students, their families, and all of the student’s acquaintances.

Getting Started: Be yourself! Treat the International Military Student as you would wish to be treated in a foreign country.

a. For many students, this may be the ONLY exposure they will have to Americans and to
the United States.

b. Be culturally aware and sensitive (patient and understanding).

c. Learn to pronounce your student’s name correctly, and help him or her learn to pronounce yours.

d. The Student Sponsorship Program is designed to work within your normal schedule. Please plan activities with your student not as an interruption, but rather as an included part in your daily routines.

e. Try to stay in contact with your student throughout their stay here at NAVSCIATTS. Whether by regular phone calls or planned outings, the more effort put towards a relationship with your student, the more rewarding the outcomes will be.

f. Your students will have a graduation ceremony. Please be aware that you are cordially invited to attend their graduation. You will receive more specific details about the graduation event as the semester progresses.

Hospitality Hints: It is up to the sponsor to assist NAVSCIATTS in giving the student(s) a realistic view of Americans in general, and of your specific area of residence in particular. Taking a little extra time and making the effort to answer questions your students may have will help the student to feel that you are genuinely interested in them and their welfare.

Other items to consider:

a. Ask your student questions about his or her home country. Learning about your student’s country location, food, culture and language can be a good place to start conversation and get an idea of events or places you might to share with your student while he or she is visiting the USA.

b. Show him or her a "tour" of your home! Your student is usually very interested in what a "typical" American home looks like, along with other aspects of our daily lives here in the USA.

c. Ask your student if he or she has any food or drink restrictions. Please be respectful of cultural or religious preferences.

Interacting with your student:

a. Please be mindful that there are events the students are required to attend while here at NAVSCIATTS. Refer to "Student Availability Calendar" for an idea of good times to be in contact and plan an event with your student. Once you receive your students contact information, you are ready to get in touch to plan events. IF BASE ACCESS IS REQUIRED, PLEASE GIVE THE STUDENT SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM COORDINATOR 72-HOURS NOTICE PRIOR TO DESIRED ENTRY. NO ADDITIONAL NOTIFICATIONS ARE NECESSARY FOR EVENT FACILITATION.

b. Suggested activities:
-Birthday parties
-Home movies/videos
-Special holiday events
-Visiting new homes recently constructed
-Local festivals
-Sporting events
-Backyard barbecue (or picnic)
-Children’s school programs
-NAVSCIATTS graduation
-Allowing the student to cook food from their country

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