• The Timberland Company-Earthday 2006 The Timberland Company-Earthday 2006


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Mission Statement

Timberland believes that businesses, as well as individuals, have the power to create positive change. Service is the key to change. We balance business goals with our commitment to community through service. As Shirley Chisholm said, "Service is the rent that you pay for room on this earth."

Service brings diverse groups together to find common ground, share common purpose and work for the common good. In opportunities across the globe, Timberland employees act on their beliefs at schools, community centers, parks and youth programs.

These are their stories, but their inspiration is universal. We can all do what they do. Stand up, reach out, give back. Create change.


At Timberland, we pursue a broad range of practices to preserve Earth's resources:

  • Like designing our men's and women's Earthwatch boots with natural and recycled compounds
  • By using water-based adhesives to assemble many of our footwear products
  • By supporting new markets for sustainable products like organic cotton and wool
  • By reducing our carbon footprint through improved energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy
  • Through our support of the Earthwatch Institute's environmental research
Join us on April 22 as we pull on our Earthwatch boots and organic T-shirts to serve our earth by signing up for service in our US retail stores.

Our small part in a big job
Our energy. Our responsibility.
Conserving energy in all its forms is essential in fighting what is perhaps our biggest challenge - climate change. From making better use of natural light to employing more efficient bulbs and sensors, we're always looking for better ways to light our facilities. And better ways to get to them, with incentives given to employees that carpool or purchase alternative fuel cars. Plus, we've made great strides in the use of renewable energy, including cogenerated steam and solar power, with more changes to come.

Not chemically dependant
We're constantly searching for new ways to manufacture our products without having to use hazardous chemicals. Whether it's reducing the chemicals used at the assembly stage, or using new standards for leather finishing, if it will help our environment, we want to be a part of it.

Always recycling
Recycling resources is a cornerstone of protecting our planet. And at Timberland, our high standards for using renewable materials continue to make a difference. From the boxes we ship our shoes in (not to mention the shoes themselves) to marketing pieces as big as signage and as small as hang tags, sustainable materials support every fiber of our business.

The human touch
There's still no substitute for people helping people. That's why Timberland employees are encouraged to do as much as they can for others. Whether it's through paid community service, sabbaticals or volunteering in different events, the goal is to engage others and cause real, lasting change in communities all over the world. And as always, we donate a percentage of the proceeds from select products to the service organizations we partner with.



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