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Mission Statement

Ester Williams Ministries offers help from a Christian perspective. Based in North Texas, the ministry serves hurting women in need and provides hope, encouragement, education, and assistance to those who are struggling in difficult circumstances such as domestic violence, domestic abuse, spousal abuse and dysfunctional marriages, separation or divorce

NTO Mission Statement: To provide a structured environment that allows children the opportunity to compete in organized activities that focus on teamwork, leadership, and the community.

Ester Williams Ministries & The North Texas Oilers Mentoring and Youth Sports Organization have collaborated to make an impact on our families and communities, through service and persistence.


The general objective of NTO Organization is to inspire youth and parents, regardless of race, creed, religion, or national origin, to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship, and physical fitness.

NTO Organization strives to make the game "fun" for all boys and girls. Coaches must constantly keep in mind the ages of the participants. The program stresses learning lessons of value far beyond the playing or spirit days of the boys and girls involved, such as: self-discipline, teamwork, concentration, friendship, leadership, and good sportsmanship.

With such goals in mind, and by providing an opportunity to participate in an organized, supervised environment with emphasis on maximum safety and participation

The purpose of this NTO shall be:

(a) The main purpose of the NTO is to provide an opportunity for youth in Football, Cheerleading, Basketball, Soccer, Martial Arts, Track, Baseball, Swimming, Chess Club, Debate Team, and Band. Promote inner city and inner-state participation and competition in the game. Also playing Tournaments, Bowls etc. abroad.

(b) The NTO shall adopt, publish and promulgate rules and regulations, and establish guidelines for their enforcement, to govern the conduct of games, practices, contest and all other activities incidental to the game. With emphasis upon the safety and psychological well-being of youths as well as their protection from the excesses of misguided adults and exploitation of any type.

(c) Whenever appropriate, the NTO shall emphasize the many positive benefits arising from participation in sports activities such as sportsmanship, fair play, cooperation, teamwork, self-reliance, and the joy of participation. To insure the safety and welfare of our youth in fair and equal competition in all sports. To provide a basis for adult-child relationship through athletics, social and community objectives.

(d) To teach and instruct fundamentals of sports to our youth. Providing them with necessary instruction by which they can, better understand their game.

(e) To provide necessary equipment and recreational facilities by which the student-athletes can utilize their natural abilities and to develop Athletically;

(f) To impart to young minds the necessary ingredients by which Athletic competition can be fostered in any and all types of sports;

(g) To further provide a training ground for good sportsmanship;

(h) To provide the community with a program by which our young Athletes can develop a spirit of tradition;

(i) To provide the necessary ingredients for our youth to develop Better communications between themselves and adults through Competitive sports.



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