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Mission Statement

The Mission of Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Inc. (Stop the Silence), a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in 2004,is to expose and stop child sexual abuse (CSA) and help survivors heal worldwide. Our Goals are to: 1) help stop CSA and related forms of violence; 2) promote healing of victims and survivors; and 3) celebrate the lives of those healed.

Through our work, we aim to address the relationships between CSA and the broader issues of overall family and community violence, and violence within and between communities. Our focus underscores a needed focus on positive development within social complexes (e.g., relationships between men, women, adults and children, cultural groups) to support peaceful - and to hinder violence-prone - relationships. Our areas of focus are: 1) support for services; 2) advocacy; 3) training of service providers; 4) community education and outreach; 5) policy; 6) research and evaluation; and 7) other prevention measures (e.g., a focus on offenders).


Examples of successful Stop the Silence programming include:

  • Queendom T.E.A. (The Etiquette Academy), a service program for at-risk 13-19 year old girls currently funded largely by donations;
  • National Children's Bench Book Project - a Symposium on Improving Judicial Responses to Child Sexual Abuse funded by HHS, the Ford Foundation and DOJ;
  • Talk Around the Clock, a Web-based, real-time sharing, global advocacy, education, and information program conducted in collaboration with Durbin Institute of Technology in South Africa, The Global Lesson Foundation in Canada, Survivors Healing Center in California, and the Spiritual Alliance against Intimate Violence in California;
  • The Race to Stop the Silence, an annual advocacy program that directly reaches thousands and reaches millions through the media., and
  • Community education, outreach an training, in Maryland and other states and countries, funded largely by local foundations.



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Would you recommend Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse?

by Tami G. (2015-12-21 04:00:37.0)
I am an adult survivor of sexual abuse myself . I was abused by my father at a very young age 4 or 5 until I was 18 . it has been a very long journey for me having finally in this past year been set free from the inner aching pain that completely engulfed my life. I now have peace where there was only sadness, despair and anger. My goal is to reach out and help as many people that I can... to give them hope, allow them to speak and not be afraid. I know that there are many stories like mine, but not everyone is able to be vulnerable enough to open up wounds and give back, I never thought that I could either. I am a whole person today with strength, compassion, motivation and encouragement to share. My mission... to impact the lives of others with a positive and caring understanding and to be a voice for those who do not have one. My heart yearns to help in anyway possible!
by Melissa B. from Houston, TX (2014-09-15 19:40:08.0)
Because a child is so fradial and helpless. God has given us the blessing when he gives us a child. Those children can not defend themselves. That is every adult responibility to oversee that a child is not harmed and is protected. God put his trust in us to do this. And when someone hurts a child. He is forcing himself onto a sole that can't defend itself. Its in in our heart to protect the children not hurt them. I once stood in there shoes I just don't want them to face this alone and let them know its ok that what happen does not change who there are and people don't look down on them/ I want to know someone is there to see them through this. My mother loved the mad so much that she did not believe me. I want the children know there is someone there for them and that will stand up to protect them.
by Selene P. (2013-04-14 19:42:26.0)
As a child I was abused.. I didnt have a voice. Now that I have one id like to be there and help those children WHO dont have that voice.