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Mission Statement

Vision: Our ultimate goal is to find, rescue, and digitize all historical environmental data and to make those data available to the world.

Mission: The mission of IEDRO is to assist the scientific and educational communities of mainly developing countries locate, rescue and digitize all environmental data currently at risk on perishable media and to make those digitized data freely and openly available to the world scientific and educational communities before it is too late.


The International Environmental Data Rescue Organization, hereafter known as IEDRO, is an organization that assists the scientific and educational communities of mainly developing countries to locate, rescue and digitize all their environmental data currently at risk on perishable media and to make those digitized data freely and openly available to the world scientific and educational communities before those data are lost forever.

Until now, most Hydrometeorological Data Rescue programs have been actively supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). For over ten years, NOAA has led the effort to keep these data critical to all humanity from being lost forever and digitized terabytes of these data critical to the scientific community. Unfortunately, government funding has stopped leaving an estimated half million historic weather observations to die every week as the paper on which they lie deteriorates or the ink fades. IEDRO has decided to continue the scientifically critical work as a separate non-profit endeavor using private funds mainly from charitable foundations and individuals interested in assisting in gathering data to allow researchers to better understand climate change and global warming, help prevent starvation, improve flood and mud slide forecasts, forecast the spread of diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever.

Our activities revolve around the discovery, rescue and digitization of foreign environmental data, at this point mainly meteorological (weather) observations, now residing on paper, microfilm and microfiche and magnetic tapes.

Our specific activities include the following:

1. Negotiating with foreign national meteorological services for IEDRO access to their original observations or microfilm/microfiche or magnetic copies of those observations and gaining their unrestricted permission to make copies of those data;

2. Providing for the digitization of those data.

3. Providing for the return of the digitized data to the originating national meteorological service (or other holder of the original data) as well as providing the U.S. World Data Center (NOAA National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) in Asheville, North Carolina) a copy of those digitized data for the free and unrestricted use of the world scientific and operational community.

These activities include IEDRO providing program management and data rescue experts (either IEDRO employees, volunteers, or consultants) to visit the participating countries. IEDRO also provides equipment (PCs, DVD burners, digital cameras, copy stands), software and training to rescue and digitize these found data. IEDRO will also provide on-site training in data and data rescue fields as well as sponsoring foreign data archivists to visit NCDC for training and collaboration. IEDRO will offer opportunities for applied research in the development of computer-based digitization programs facilitating the laborious manual keying of data to be digitized. While the majority of observations reside at the national meteorological services, occasionally meteorological observations are found in church archives, museums, private homes, military sites, etc. All are needed for the world data base and all are at risk.

The number of historic hydrometeorological observations alone currently at risk numbers in the hundreds of millions some dating back to the 1500s.

These activities will take place throughout the year in dozens of developing countries. The average time period from seeking permission from the data owner organization to the time the first observation is rescued by being copied onto a more robust media is about seven months. An additional 12 to 18 months are required before the first of the rescued observations are digitized due to the thousands of observation formats and languages used. The entire length of the process in a participating country varies according to the number of observations that are in need of rescue and digitization, their locations and their condition. The project/program planning, management and logistics will occur at IEDRO Headquarters in Deale, Maryland and the software development and programming and digitization will take place initially in the United States (most likely Maryland, and Virginia and eventually within several of the more progressive developing countries.

These activities entirely support scientific research and operations in the fields of meteorology, hydrology, climatology with direct and indirect support to the fields of agriculture, disease control, rural development, transportation, construction, disaster preparedness and especially climate change and global warming throughout the world.

One hundred percent of IEDRO's activities are focused on data location, rescue and digitization and the associated training.

Funding will primarily be through private individuals and charitable foundations with an interest in supporting environmental research and operations as well as those supporting sustainable development in developing countries, disease and disaster mitigation and reduction. Additional support may be through existing federal government agencies and through private contributions by individuals. For a tax deductable donation of $10, IEDRO will send you their latest DVD entitled, ".

For a $10.00 donation, IEDRO will send you a copy of the DVD entitled, "Data Rescue before It’s Too Late!" which explains the importance of DR&D to the national meteorological services of the world and to humanity.




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Average Review 6 reviews

Would you recommend International Environmental Data Rescue Org.?

by josh w. (2012-08-28 16:19:30.0)
I tried starting my own non-profit over a year ago and after meeting and speaking with management at IEDRO I agreed to merge with them. Their goals and my own meshed perfectly and it was an ideal union. I do not regret that decision at all. I believe the ideals upon which IEDRO is based will benefit all humanity and it is something in which I'm very excited to participate. I have nothing but glowing things to say about management and they are always open to new ideas and what anyone has to say. Everyone's voice is heard regardless of their position. You will not regret joining us in our goals to help humanity.
by Jean-Paul M. (2012-08-28 14:24:45.0)
I have been with organization since the beginning. In certain periods I have worked more then others but even when I am working minimally I am kept in the loop and my opinions and ideas are seriously considered. I have enjoyed working with them and their cause is more meaningful in more fields then most people realize and very few other organizations are working towards these goals.
by Aura L. from NC (2012-01-17 12:40:09.0)
IEDRO does wonderful work globally to ensure that scientists have access to data that can help save lives. As a volunteer, I have helped translate and edit newsletters for a few years now. Pennell Paugh is wonderful to work with, as well as the other volunteers and org members. Definitely recommend working with IEDRO!
by Silvana S. (2010-11-07 14:17:04.0)
It is excellent working with Pennell Paugh she is always keeping everyone posted with e-mails, she also makes it very clear when assigning tasks, making sure we know the due dates and all other expectations.
by Julia S. (2010-03-26 15:46:14.0)
IEDRO provides a service with long lasting, wide ranging benefit to people throughout the world. In one case, the data collected, preserved, and made available over the web by IEDRO is used to sagely direct scarce malaria prevention and outbreak fighting resources based on historical weather predictions. This greatly improves quality of life and allows scant resources to be used most effectively. Volunteers get great bang- for-the-buck when they see their work directly helping lives. I have only recently started volunteering, but I have known the Director, Rick Crouthemal, for several years. From a volunteer^s perspective, he is an excellent person to work for - gifted, technically savvy, good sense of humor, happy to teach, and dedicated to the project. He also knows that the volunteers have jobs and families (grin). One of the many perks of this volunteer spot is travel opportunities. Also, please spread the word, we want weather data to store.
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