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Mission Statement

Our mission is to make the world a safer, more democratic, and sustainable place to live for humans and all living things. Our work will be complete only when it is unthinkable to pursue our human interests in ways that degrade the environment and human health. The problems of modern life are related and must be worked on together: deteriorating environmental conditions, worsening human health, the loss of good paying jobs with benefits, increased insecurity for individuals and communities, and low voter turnout indicating loss of confidence in democratic institutions. We exist to support the people who stir things up (activists) and eventually transform our society ? but only with your help. We have been engaged in environmental-health-and-justice work since our founding in 1980. Through our advocacy and media programs like Rachel?s News we have informed a generation of activists and helped to build a new social movement of ?precaution and prevention.?


Environmental Research Foundation (ERF) is a small but established (founded in 1980) nonprofit advocacy group with offices in NJ and Chicago (Lincolnwood). Our recently established Chicago office is now building our Great Lakes presence focused on issues related to environment, health, jobs and justice. We offer a number of outreach and advocacy programs that fall into three categories: i)We help other grassroots organizations working on environment and health related issues (technical assistance); ii)we publish two weekly e-magazine?s (Rachel?s News and Rachel?s Precaution Reporter); and iii)we promote ?precaution and prevention? in decision-making (about health, the environment, jobs and justice) by organizing conferences and trainings (Precautionary Academy) for public health specialists, government decision-makers, and small business owners as well as community activists.



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