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Mission Statement

Indicorps provides structured opportunities for talented youth to become agents of social change. Towards this goal, Indicorps strives to provide transformational service experiences that encourage people of Indian origin to participate in India's development, explore their capacity to affect change, strengthen their leadership potential, and take active steps to contribute to the world around them. In the process, Indicorps also hopes to make a conscious effort to unite India's fragmented global family in collective contribution towards India's progress.

Indicorps' service-based programs aim to: (1) provide clearly-defined, innovative sustainable development opportunities created in conjunction with highly-dedicated, grassroots non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India; (2) promote civic responsibility and help strengthen potent leaders of Indian origin; (3) encourage the sharing of information and best practices for the development of India; and (4) promote service, personal reflection, universal spirituality, and tolerance.

Indicorps' expatriate programs are intended to eventually complement a largely domestic initiative awakening the tremendous talent and energy within India's own borders to the spirit of service and our responsibility for India's future..


Indicorps is a non-partisan, non-religious, non-profit organization that encourages Indians around the world to actively participate in India's progress. Indicorps' provides opportunities for the Indian diaspora to participate in grassroots development projects by applying their skills, time, and resources towards participatory projects and sustainable strategies for change.

The core fellowship program aims to inspire a new generation of global Indian leaders through structured one- and two-year grassroots service opportunities in India. Indicorps projects embody a firm and demonstrated commitment to promoting peace, inclusiveness, secularism, and the empowerment of India's people by encouraging action and understanding at the most grassroots levels. Indicorps' programs are designed to build principled leadership, empower visionaries, inspire collective action, and unite India towards a common vision for the nation by productively engaging Indians around the world with the development of the country that defines their identity.

In addition to focusing on development projects and supporting Indian development organizations, Indicorps encourages people of Indian origin to reconnect with their roots through intensive service experiences in India. Indicorps programs include one/two year competitive public service fellowships designed to be one-of-a-kind transformational experiences, emphasizing personal growth, leadership, and grassroots international development. Selected fellows are given individual responsibility to execute and complete projects that are created / defined by local developmental experts. The limits of their contribution are defined only by the fellows' creativity and motivation.

Indicorps firmly believes that grassroots experience in contributing to the development of India will help Indians around the world better understand their heritage, explore ways to strengthen the global Indian community, and encourage civic responsibility at home in their respective countries. Further, Indicorps believes in participatory grassroots development and aims to strengthen non-profit organizations in India by encouraging highly motivated and qualified individuals to apply their human capital to their causes. In the process of developing innovative programs, Indicorps hopes to inspire a self-propagating service culture in diaspora and domestic Indian communities.



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