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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our commitment as an outreach center is to assess, address, and fulfill the needs of the economically disadvantaged in our neighborhood and surrounding communities. We are building a core-value system that embraces both active and proactive opportunities in education, nutrition, preparation for employment, mutual respect, and a level of self-sufficiency, which empowers them to improve their quality of life. In order to model the benefits of collaboration to those we serve, we work with public and private agencies, social services, and non-profit organizations.


The House of Refuge History Statement

John W. Mills opened the doors of The House of Refuge For All People to the Columbus community in 1994, as one of the newest additions to the long-standing tradition of the Tabernacle Churches of God, which began its public service in 1917. In order to nurture the community, food is one of the greatest services it provides throughout the entire year to the impoverished, elderly, and youth. This is done through donations, gift baskets, and supplementing various events and youth educational programs. These youth educational programs focus primarily on social awareness issues such as: problem solving, teen pregnancy prevention, and self-esteem. Other educational efforts concentrate on employment preparation for single parents and re-entry for both juveniles and ex-convicts. The House of Refuge provides many different types of events that enable and encourage community interaction in order to develop interpersonal relationships and alternative activities for youth that are safe, fun, and constructive. If needed, the church provides transportation to these events as well as regularly assisting the elderly and infirm to hospitals, doctor appointments, and grocery stores. Marital, substance abuse, and battered women counseling has been provided as needed and the church has worked frequently with Mary Haven and Rosemont for treatment needs. As the House of Refuge For All People continues to build and grow, it's only natural to further an ever-enduring commitment to community development and empowerment.

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by John E. (2009-11-30 13:01:29.0)
Update: On November 30, 2009 Bishop John W. Mills III paid the balance due for work I performed at the church laying ceramic tile. I was truly saddened having such discord with a brother in Christ by have new hopes. Through the grace and mercy of Jersus Christ our Lord and Savior we get past hard times in life and overcome all misunderstandings. It is not important who is right or who is wrong, what is important is that men of Christ have the ability to overcome! J. Entingh