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258 Thunder Lake RoadWilton, CT 06897 United States

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To help people reach their full potential by improving the way they think about the values, abilities, and knowledge of themselves and others.


The Grit Profile measures a valuable new dimension - the "grit" dimension - that helps colleges admit the best students.

Colleges don't care so much what you know: they are much more interested in how well you can learn and how willing you are to use that ability.

We call that grit. Grit is what we measure and build with the Grit Builder Course."

Completing the course is hard.

Students are used to being hand-fed formulae, facts, and algorithms to solve problems. When they are forced to think in a broader context - including thinking about how they are thinking - they often give up.

Students who give up aren't gritters.

The good news is, even if you're not a gritter now, by completing this course you will, by definition, become one.

The Grit Builder Course is designed primarily for high school juniors.


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