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Mission Statement

The International Leadership Charter School will implement an academically rigorous curriculum that will elevate students? intellectual capacity, provide them with a superior high school education and prepare them for a higher education. Our students will meet and exceed city and statewide assessment averages in Reading, English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. We seek to expand students? knowledge of international studies, the social, economic and political issues that affect their daily lives; and to cultivate their leadership skills with a commitment to community service, social action and participation in the global society. Our school will implement a philosophy that calls for high expectations which will provide each student with powerful learning experiences that stress complex and engaging activities, relevant content and active discovery of curriculum objectives.


Are you interested in contributing to the development of the first International Charter High School in New York City? Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of African American, Latino and Asian Youth?
?Be the change you want to see in the world.? Ghandi

ILCS is a high school therefore our services are to first and foremost educate and graduate every student fully prepared for college. We are in the initial stages of planning a quality high school. This is an independent autonomous organization that has been authorized by the NY State Education Department to start a school.

Intern with us!!!!! We are currently looking for interns who are willing to make a difference in the Bronx. The International Leadership Charter School (ILCS) will be located in the West Tremont area in the Bronx. Our offices are located in lower Manhattan during the pre-opening months (February through July)

ILCS will open its doors in September 2006 to 88 9 th grade students, and we need you! However, this can not be accomplished without you. In order for any school to run effectively, there must be good management. This requires hard working people in the fields of business management, technology and curriculum development, fiscal management, mentoring, advertising, student recruitment, tutoring, etc. That is why we are recruiting students from all different majors (i.e. business, education, liberal arts, computer, advertising and marketing, etc.) and universities to help us accomplish our goal.

Every student will be helpful in some way regardless of his/her major. We welcome your talents and your skills and are willing to work with you if you have any innovative ideas on how you can make our school better. This internship will be an exciting experience where you will learn many different skills and work with professionals who are just as motivated in making ILCS a successful school. Most of all, as an intern, you will ultimately be making a difference in a young person?s life. He or she will go to school each morning knowing that there are people awaiting him/her that care. Below, are some of the positions that we need filled. However, if there are additional areas in which you may be helpful or skills you can contribute, you may include them in your essay. We are open to all of your suggestions. Bilingual Spanish or Mandarin Skills a plus!!

Positions Available:

Recruiters: For this position, we need students who have good communication skills, who are very persuasive, and who are interested in informing the public about our school. Recruiters will work on projects such as student recruitment where they will be speaking with parents about the special benefits ILCS has to offer to their children. We aim to enroll 88 students into our school for the first year. Students who are interested in advertising and marketing, sociology, or community organizing maybe particularly interested in this position.

Web designers and Computer Technicians: We are also in the process of further developing our website and developing our school?s Tech Plan. We are seeking those candidates interested in working with the Director to establish a technology plan for the school?s start-up and growth phases. Students majoring in computer technology, or other related fields would be well suited for this project.

Grant Writers and Fundraisers: We need students who love to write. One of our biggest goals is to raise money so that ILCS can have enough funding. One of the projects that some writers will undertake is grant writing. Grant writers will write to different organizations in an attempt to raise funds. Also, interns will edit documents and do general writing.

Management: If you are interested in understanding more about school leadership, operations, and general management, these positions are well suited for you. Working alongside the Executive Director, Director of Operations, and/or Office Manager, you will get a first-hand perspective on the internal working of a start-up organization. Those majoring in business management, accounting, financial fields, or human resources are among those that should apply.

Tutors: We need tutors in High School math, English, science, and reading. If you are well-versed in any of these subjects and are interested in tutoring students in grades 9, you should apply for this internship. Direct student tutoring will begin in the fall of 2006. Until then, tutors will create guide books and plan the year?s tutoring model. You will be working closely with our researchers and curriculum developers when doing these tasks.

Mentors: Many of our children will need mentors who they can look up to and who can be positive role models. One of the projects we are launching is creating a well-structured mentoring program for our youth. Students who are majoring in social work, psychology, or counseling may be interested in this position.

Curriculum Developers: We are also looking for students who are interested in developing our school?s curriculum. For example, interns will meet with different vendors to help finalize textbook and software selections. Students majoring in education may be interested in this position.

Application Process & Deadline:

This internship will begin this spring semester and will be renewable on a semester-long basis. If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please submit a cover letter and resume to Palomaazul.com attention Dr. Elaine Ruiz Lopez, CEO and Founder of ILCS. In your cover letter, please answer the following questions: (1) What position are you interested in and why? (2) What skills can you contribute to the International Leadership Charter School? Also, include in your essay what days and hours you will be available to work as an intern. The deadline for the spring application is February 20, 2006, and the projected start date for all internship positions will begin effective immediately. This is an unpaid internship. However, students who demonstrate exceptional skills, will be considered for stipends during the summer months before the school opens.

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