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Mission Statement

To kick-start and sustain a love for learning, contributing and being financially literate. We seek to transform the way children view, approach and function within the world they will inherit.


Financial literacy education is failing miserably. The proof is evident not only in today’s broad economic crisis, but also in a micro view of individual money management skills:

  • 33% of adults do not pay all their bills on time
  • 93% of teens are not involved in paying household bills or managing the household budget
  • 46% of teens do not know how to create a budget

Since the recession began, there has been a 25% jump in the number of Americans aged 25-34 living with their parents, as even the most educated among them leave school saddled with debt, and career prospects across the economic spectrum remain bleak.

Are there jobs? Yes, but our educational system fails to identify early on what they are, who is qualified, and how to prepare students to step into them. Experts, educators, and parents are looking for ways to reverse this troubling trend. That is where FLY comes in, and why we need your support.

Introducing FLY (Financial & Life Literacy for Youth)

FLY is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping kids ages 4-12 experience "real" careers, earn money for completing job tasks, and manage those earnings. It is how kids learn that saving, spending and budgeting are just facets of a bigger picture, and gain a nuanced understanding of how financial decisions tie into our responsibilities, values, ethics, and emotional well-being.

The FLY Team combines decades of educational, developmental, nonprofit, financial, and marketing expertise with Earn My Keep Experts and Ambassadors, who share their careers and passion with kids, every day.



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