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Mission Statement

Peace strengthening assistance.

Prevention of regional, racial, religious, sexual, ethnic conflicts and eliminates poverty.

Assistance in conflict management and humanitarian activities in the community to the marginalized groups.

And, envisage to contributing meaningfully to the creation of self-reliant society through sustainable development based on social, economic, political and gender equality in the community

Experts exchange program in USA, Canada and European Countries.


SAAHD mission is to organize the targeted groups- Women, children Youths and marginalized communities against Caste/ Gender in-equality, other social evils and help them to improve their Educational,health and economical status. SAAHD hopes to make them self reliant so that they have a proper participation in the decision-making bodies in the society and are able to enjoy their all rights equally.

Some of the major strategic objectives of SAAHD's are:

  • Social Mobilization : SAAHD has increased its characteristic feature by implementing social mobilization strategy in the community level. Social mobilization is a crucial part to change the community in the realistic approaches. Every development programs need social mobilization approach, which only captures the goal of the targeted programs.

  • Livelihood promotion : SAAHD will strive to increase the livelihood opportunities for the women, youths and marginalized communities of rural and urban areas, through income generation, livelihood skills training. This will not only increase their capacity but also lead to reduction of poverty.

  • Human Right Based Awareness : Increase awareness and advocacy for the rights of women, children, marginalized communities and Foreign Migrant workers that has been major areas of emphasis, which will lead to reduction of cast, ethnic, regional, gender discrimination, employment unfairness and exclusions.
  • Health & Sanitation : This is a major strategic area, which SAAHD will try to increase its working experience by increasing the access to safe drinking water, sanitation and general health of the women, children and marginalized communities. SAAHD aims to increase awareness and provide services related to reproductive health, safe abortion, HIV/AIDS, drugs

  • Institutional capacity Development : SAAHD is on continue to institutionalize itself and other organizations affiliated to it so it is hoped to develop into a reputed International level non-governmental organization in one side and on the other side, community level organizations will build their capacity for finding the real development flavor and it helps to sustain any development activities in the community level.



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