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Mission Statement

To empower, motivate, and inspire students to explore, find, and act on their life's path. Segue shows students well defined lights at the end of the tunnel, and the specific paths to get there. We helps youths help themselves, take responsibility for where their lives are headed, choose productive careers, and keep off life's negative paths.


It's well established that mentoring a youth can have a profound positive impact on their life, but few adults can commit to the time required. That's why Segue was founded.

Segue leverages available adult time to enable volunteers, in all careers from a community’s workforce, to speak in local students' classrooms and reach a large number of students.

When students see a 'possible self ' in a speaker, see a career that they want, it's a game changer. Attaining that career becomes their goal. They see the relevance of school, become willing learners, work harder, and graduate high school. Many go on to attain a technical certificate, or an AA or BA college degree.

Only 30% of students attain 4-year college degrees. What do we do to support the other 70%?

The more career options students are exposed to, the more likely they are to be: (1) inspired onto specific career paths so that they become self-sufficient and satisfied members of society; (2) learn additional important life lessons from the road of life, the wisdom that community members provide as contained in the idea "if only I knew then what I know now."


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