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Mission Statement

The mission of Crusade Against Impaired Driving, Inc. is to save lives that are tragically lost daily at the hands of drunk drivers through education, advocacy, awareness, and victim services. We will aggressively work to focus our resources to inform people about the dangers of drunk driving and the threat these drivers pose to the community until that threat has disappeared completely.


The value of this organization is to provide a quality anti-DWI education that is missing from the community - combining a true story of a WNY family impacted by DWI, and following it with statistics, and various materials that audiences can learn from. We will also provide valuable victim services to those impacted by drunk-driving crashes. The message of Crusade Against Impaired Driving (CAID), Inc. will go beyond the classroom, and extend to everyone impacted by DWI and those who have the power to make decisions to change DWI policies and laws.

Goals of Crusade Against Impaired Driving, Inc.:

To educate by presenting to groups at schools, driver’s education classes, civic organizations, and various other groups. In addition to a presentation of Karen’s story, complete with pictures, we’ll provide brochures, wallet-cards, and additional materials.

- To provide valuable victim services to DWI crash survivors, victims, families, and defendants.

- To serve as a DWI victim advocate in courts, to be present during local and state court cases, to ensure laws are being properly carried out, and the priorities are to prevent death and injury from drunk-driving crashes.

- To fight at the county, state, and federal level for stricter legislation against DWI; to bring Karen’s story to legislators to stiffen laws, prevent DWI incidents & crashes, and penalize those who continue to abuse their driving privileges.

- To enable resources to be created for those who are actively working to fight drunk driving.

- To promote concern and educate about the dangers of drinking and driving by explaining the horrible physical and emotional wounds that are created by DWI. Drunk drivers should be revealed for the potential danger that they have on the community as a whole. Innocent lives are lost each minute of each hour and drunk drivers must be revealed as the imminent danger they pose to everyone on the roads.



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