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Mission Statement

Great Baikal Trail (GBT) is a non-profit environmental organization that aims to provide Lake Baikal and surrounding areas another option to industrial development, with a mission to promote local sustainable development through low-impact eco-tourism.
This mission is grounded in building a system of environmentally friendly trails that are safe and enjoyable for hikers of all ages and levels of experience and in environmental education for local youth and children.


We are an inter-regional community organization, we call ourselves the Great Baikal Trail, and we have taken on the following...

Goals, where we aim to achieve:
  1. The healthy development of true eco-tourism around Lake Baikal;
  2. The preservation and protection of our overall environment;
  3. The development of international cooperation and collaborative programs;
  4. An increase in our local population’s awareness of all environmental issues;
  5. Extensive advertising and promotion of a healthier lifestyle amongst locals;
  6. The promotion of a more socially-responsible community spirit here in our region.
Individual Objectives:
  1. The creation of a single system of environmental trails around Lake Baikal;
  2. The development of a special kind of Russian tourism called: Ā«Volunteer VacationingĀ»;
  3. Continuous organizing of a number of international cooperative programs;
  4. Attracting young people into our various environmental, educational, and other community programs;
  5. Creating a means for guaranteeing good communication and mutual support amongst community groups, government agencies, local businesses, and all our Baikal residents;
  6. Conducting scientific research and other educational programs, along with organizing various public conferences, roundtables, seminars, workshops, etc.;
  7. Forming environmental teams to tackle various issues, with numerous field expeditions.



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