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Mission Statement

CASA Mission is to empower Cambodian-American elderly residents to meet the increasing challenge and quality of life issues facing them. CASA is the only agency in the South Philadelphia area dedicated to serving the Cambodian elderly. Since 1997, the founding volunteers have provided services to the target population and have dedicated efforts to 1) conserving the arts and education of its constituents, 2) conveying a sense of social and civic responsibility to its youth, and 3) helping new Cambodian-Americans adjust to their new country.

CASA Vision is committed to become a strong community leader and partner and a good example of dedication to the Cambodian and their families in the Community of Philadelphia and to be recognized as a leader in providing and delivering programs and support services. CASA is the only Cambodian Center that provides the services to the Cambodian senior in Philadelphia.

CASA Values are CASA believe in its program activities and services in proving to the Cambodian Community. CASA believe in its program activities and services in proving to quality of life and forthcoming environment in the Cambodian Community. CASA is committed to: 1) Provide a high quality services to the clients in a dignity, honesty, respect, and confidence. 2) Support, collaborate, and respect the relationships and networks with partners and funders.


The Cambodian American Senior Association (CASA) is a 501 (c) (3) organization that was established in 1997 by a group of Cambodian individuals who were concerned about the isolation and loneliness that the senior citizens of the Cambodian community were experiencing.

Threats to the Elderly Refugees

Language barrier: -This by far is the greatest challenge. It takes longer for an elderly refugee to overcome the language barrier if s/he illiterate in her/his native language.

Health/Mental health problems:- Often when refugees arrive, they are in poor health and beset with psychosomatic and post-traumatic stress disorders

Loss of status, changing role:- suddenly they have to go to their children for help.

Acculturation: - Adjustment is often hard. They miss home and sometimes they want to return to their homeland.

Fear of death:- Often they don?t want to be buried in foreign land.

Lack of services: - Most resettlement agencies focus on younger refugees. There often is no special concern directed to the elderly. Isolation.

CASA Programs

- Legal Services Assistance

- Translation and interpretation
- Health Education Program
- Tobacco Cessation Program for adult and youth
- Monthly Food package distribu tion
- Emergency Food Fund
- English as second Language
- Lunch program (Affiliated with the Philadelphia Senior Center)
- Recreational field trips
- And many more services and pro- grams for adults and children
- Property Tax Or Rent Rebate Pro gram

- Information and referral.

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