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Mission Statement

Catch a Lift (CAL) non-profit 501 (C)(3) organization, provides fitness grants in the form of gym memberships or home fitness equipment to post 9-11 injured veterans throughout the United States.

CATCH A LIFT started in 2010 as a memorial to Cpl. Chris Coffland and founded on his lifelong philosophy that through physical fitness you can achieve your highest potential for a healthy mind and body.
His dedication and mindfulness to physical fitness was part of a daily regimen his entire life. He actively encouraged others to participate as well, so that they could lead a healthier and well balanced life.
Everyday Coffland would say "I'm goin' catch a lift"; his way of saying, he was off to the gym. In keeping with Coffland's commitment to fitness and his dedication to the wellness of others, CAL will assist wounded veterans to become physically and mentally fit again through gifted gym memberships.


Catch A Lift (CAL)helps wounded post 9-11 service members start and maintain their healing process, both mentally and physically, through physical fitness by providing them with gifted gym memberships or home gym equipment, anywhere in the United States. We believe each veteran wants to and can actively contribute to his or her own physical and mental health journey. CAL veteran participants have thrived by starting their road to fitness. CAL has brought fitness to hundreds of post 9-11 Iraq and Afghanistan combat wounded veterans throughout 49 states nationwide. By filling this need and through our program's proven results, CAL membership has grown over 1500 veteran participants. From CAL's inception veteran's caregivers have been of utmost importance as well. Some veterans who suffer from severe post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, or other debilitating injuries, require the assistance of a VA certified caregiver. CAL will pay for the caregiver's gym membership as well.



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by Mario P. (2016-06-15 22:19:18.0)
So here is my experience with Catch a Lift.. They mean well, but they are extremely undermanned and will just drive you crazy in the long run. I am 30 percent disabled and had catch a lift pay for my membership for 2 years. It takes about 6 months to get accepted to Catch a Lift, that is if they answer your emails and phones calls. When it is time to renew your yearly gym membership, because they pay for a whole year in advance, it will take another 3-6 months for them to finally get to you and pay for your membership again. My gym membership lapsed again and now they aren't responding to any of my emails or phone calls since February. I know beggars can't be choosers, but they are unreliable and not truly living up to what they promise. I have given up on them and find that it is easier to just pay for it myself. I'm slightly bitter because I helped my local gym run a fundraiser for CAL and now they just left me in the dirt. Best to just stay away from Catch a Lift.