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Mission Statement

Sages & Seekers is a non-profit organization designed to bridge the generational gap between seniors and teenagers in order to generate the exchange of valuable wisdom, strengthen community, and diminish ageism.

S&S's Vision: A resurgence of community, dissolving age-related segregation.

S&S's Mission: To diminish ageism by bringing two marginalized generations together (teens and elderly) to foster respectful relationships, paying tribute to our Elderly and empowering our Teens.

S&S's Strategy: To build community by bringing teens and elders together through an eight-week program designed to foster meaningful relationships while dissolving age related preconceptions. The program nurtures the Sage/Seeker relationship, resulting in a biographical piece honoring the elder as well as improving student skills in listening, interviewing, writing and public speaking. Ultimately, the relationship developed between the two generations creates respect, understanding, more confident individuals and stronger communities.


Program Overview

Sages & Seekers is an 8-week experiential-learning program in which Seniors (Sages), work one-on-one with teenagers (Seekers). After two introductory meetings, the Sages and Seekers work in pairs, and for the next four weeks the Seekers interview Sages about their lives. The purpose of these interviews is for each Seeker to gather information, used to compile a personal essay, a "Chronicle", honoring the life of the Sage. The last two weeks are formal presentations of these essays, to the entire group. At the end of each presentation, the Sage is awarded a rose and a copy of their Seeker’s essay. In creating this rapport between different generations, myths and stereotypes are dispelled, and ageism is diminished. Both Sage and Seeker have the possibility of cultivating a rich relationship as a result of these activities, strengthening them as individuals, as well as building community.


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