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Mission Statement

The literal meaning of the Hindi word "Khusi Hona" means feel happy. Our purpose is simple, an organization with the goal to help raise funds for and build awareness about orphans and children affected by the illicit sex trade across the nation of India. "The Feel Happy Orphan Project"


Khusi Hona is the "Feel Happy Orphan Project." Our goal at Khusi Hona is to make the lives of orphans a little easier through simple donations such as educational materials, new uniforms, a hot meal, medical treatments, things we often take for granted in the west. These simple acts of kindness bring some joy to their lives thus making them feel loved and happy.



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by Dina R. (2014-02-15 16:31:58.0)
Volunteering for Khusi Hona has allowed me to take the first steps towards bettering the world: raising awareness and shedding light on a problem that plagues millions of people. Perhaps one of the major reasons that such problems exist and persist is because of the lack of awareness. Through my volunteer work, I have been able to spread the word about the condition of orphans and abandoned children in Southern Asia, and encouraged others to become part of the cause. I look forward to working with other Khusi Hona volunteers in a combined effort to put a smile on children's faces. If you're looking for the opportunity to help others and genuinely want to spread the happiness, Khusi Hona is a great organization to be part of. Feel Happy!
by Kim Nhat Nam N. from FI (2014-02-12 12:35:55.0)
I would love to recommend Khusi Hona to any of those out there who possess the heart and hype for volunteering with a good cause. The aid from people helps Khusi Hona transform resources into real projects, mostly through their weekly feature that improve and alleviate the hardship the kids in India often have to face. Well done, Khusi Hona!