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Mission Statement

Given the growing importance of our global community, it is essential that individuals and students, gain international experiences and perspectives in order to be competitive. The work that internship4africa interns do is challenging and shapes future careers and life decisions. We have successfully engaged students and individuals from almost every career path. Our amazing service learning program is made possible by a team of top achievers. Internship4africa can utilize your expertise and offer you the experience to be involved with humanitarian work at the administrative level. Internship4africa interns all have one thing in common: a passion for international development. Our interns are successful because of their resourcefulness, creativity, initiative, and willingness to perform a variety of tasks. We have a strong, local group of volunteers, interns and staff members who contribute their time, resources and skills to further our goals.


We offer wonderful opportunities for you to not just visit Ghana (West Africa), but to contribute your knowledge, skills, and passion to our underdeveloped communities. Volunteering with us will give you the chance to intimately experience our culture and build life-long friendships in our communities, where your contributions are highly valued and welcomed with open arms. People have many reasons for doing volunteer work in Africa. Many want to help others and some are looking for ways to be involved or to make the world a better place. Desires for activism, community building, and self-exploration can also be fulfilled through volunteering. Connect with the African community and be a part of the various cultures, activities, issues, etc. that you may never experience otherwise. Besides helping others, as a volunteer you will contribute considerably to your own career development. Volunteer work in Africa can help you more clearly define your career path, while enhancing existing skills or developing a variety of new skills. In today’s world of rapid change, there are always new and necessary skills to learn and build. You will also gain hands-on experience and expand your horizons as you become more knowledgeable in the field in which you volunteer.



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