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Mission Statement

Pursue medical research overlooked by others. To cure rare disorders, we will employ unusual and controversial treatment options such as stem cell and genetic therapies. We will be relentless in our chase for the cure.


Dr Flitman, Xen Institute's President and our Director of Research, has worked with the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. What researchers who work with pharmaceuticals learn very quickly is that these are businesses - first and foremost businesses. Their survival depends on making safe bets and choosing drugs that will get the fastest regulatory approval .

In the realm of dementia, there are often drugs that can stop the disease, but not before the patient has lost billions of brain cells. The most likely manner to replenish so many brain cells is from stem cell technology. For those with Alzhimer's, even if we find a cure for Alzhimer's, the patient has lost billions of cells. Using stem cells as a regenerative has begun, but there is more that needs to be done to find this cure. Stem cell treatmenta for stroke victimes have gained FDA approval, and initial results with patients who have had strokes have been promising.

XEN stands for Xenoscience Endeavors in Neurology, and is an outgrowth of efforts by Xenoscience, an Arizona corporation, to support neurological research in its clinical division, 21st Century Neurology, the Phoenix private practice of Dr. Stephen Flitman. As our President and Director for Research, Dr. Flitman brings over ten years of experience caring for patients with disorders that have resisted conventional therapies, including Alzheimer?s disease, head injuries, atypical pain syndromes, and refractory migraine, but also rare and orphan diseases with little commercial interest due to the small numbers of patients who have them.

Dr. Fllitman has run over 50 clinical trials putting him in the top 5% of investigators of physicians who do clinical resarch in the country.



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