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Mission Statement

ONE Freedom provides education on how the brain and body change due to chronic and acute stress and teaches skills that improve self-mastery. The Stress to Strength programs help individuals and institutions acknowledge the consequences of unresolved experiences and provide pathways to the individual mastery of mental, emotional and physical stress-responses.

ONE Freedom works nationally with returning veterans and families, education, healthcare, and other NGOs.


The definition of trauma is helplessness or any moment we are unable to respond effectively to a threat. 9/11 was that kind of trauma; so is a car accident, illness, or financial distress. Every segment of society, every person in today’s world, is affected by profound stress in one way or another. During this social movement of "veteran reintegration" it is important not to point toward "the veteran" as the only one who has experienced the kind of post-traumatic stress that changes brain, body, behavior and world view. The same kinds of symptoms we see in returning veterans we can see inside of families, schools, businesses, hospitals, even among our care providers. In other words, we are all impacted by ongoing stress and trauma.

Since 2007, ONE Freedom has served over 6,000 U.S. military service members, leaders, care providers, veterans and families along the Colorado front-range and nationally. The training helps to demystify the effects of combat and related stressors by defining what is physiologically natural and what can be done to self-regulate our responses. Based on a brain-body approach, ONE Freedom’s Strength after Service program is aunique blend of simplified science combined with deliberate stress-mitigation techniques that are proven to relieve, and in some instances resolve, chronic stressors.

The program purposes are three-fold:

Educate on Brain/Body Basics

Teach Skills that Build Resiliency

Mitigate Stress and Reset the Nervous System

Overall, ONE Freedom reveals keys to understanding the human condition--making this message pertinent to all audiences. Our message helps bridge the gap between veterans and the communities they return to. It also offers leadership an important opportunity to learn more about their own adaptive responses to stress so they are better able to help others.



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