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Mission Statement

Artistic research in general aims to advance the understanding of methods & impacts within the arts. At RoSA this will include the specific goal of advancing the practice of creating works which seek to liberate, educate, & challenge its audiences. Subversive art is that which questions, exposes, or attacks deeply held beliefs. Our belief is that art allows for the sort of indirect communication that can effect its audiences on emotional, intellectual, and sub-conscious levels. As such, art has been a useful tool for illuminating new perspectives, conveying alternatives to unhealthy social norms, and otherwise immersing individuals in a space of questioning & consideration.

ROSA will be a center dedicated to expanding on, collecting, and sharing knowledge gained through artistic research, exhibition of challenging works, and community education.


The nature of the artistic work done at Research on Subversive Art shall be directed by exploration & experimentation. Artists will test the effectiveness of aesthetic concepts by creating models, and will share their process and results with the public. Our goal here is to demystify all areas of the artistic process, and encourage more humans to participate in it. To that end, RoSA will also hold a variety of free workshops, lectures, and other events. We believe that sharing artistic knowledge broadly and making the discussion and practice of conceptual art more accessible will support the creation of subversive artforms in and of itself. To that end, RoSA will also host free workshops, lectures, screenings, and other community-oriented and interactive events. We seek to be a resource for curious and mischevious present and future artists.

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