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Mission Statement

The Health Institute for Preventive CARE/Healthy Life Corps is dedicated to the pursuit of well-being among all people by addressing the physical, social, mental, and spiritual dimensions of each individual through research, education including job-training and prevention of school-dropouts and increasing access to health care, particularly emphasizing prevention, accomplished through grassroots networking and community development to create a healthier society for all.


You may schedule a 1-on-1 Health and Fitness Assessment with the Health Institute which includes biometrics, a lipid profile, as well as strength, endurance and flexibility tests. At the end you get a personalized, computerized Health Status report. Most people don't know how healthy/unhealthy they are until they have a heart attack. That is too late as 1/3 don't recover. Our health status report tells you how healthy you are compared to standardized measures of people your age and gender.
Participants are encouraged to take this report back to their primary care physicians as this health and fitness assessment is not done in any traditional medical setting. This is because medicine is REACTIVE, after you are sick you get medicines!
You need to be PROACTIVE to stay healthy and not need medicines. Medical care is not designed for that, but your physician does want you to be healthy! They really do and that is why physicians helped to form this organization and help support it financially. They want you to be Proactive and take care of your health. That is your job, not theirs.
This unique computerized Health Status Report and the Health Institute will help you stay healthy. You will receive counseling regarding your results so that you leave with a firm idea of how to better your health.



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