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Elmhurst Community Prep School

Mission Statement

Prep. Grounded in our Four Theories of Action--high expectations, collaboration, positive school culture, family involvement--and a commitment to Social Justice, the ECP Family works to ensure all students promote to high school on a positive life trajectory and prepared for rigorous A-G coursework.


Theory of Action: High Expectations ? Use equity as the lens through which we analyze our practice ? Participate in teacher inquiry, such as analyzing student products collaboratively ? Work collaboratively to develop and teach standards-based units and utilize rubrics to assess student products ? Use multiple sources of data to inform planning and teaching ? Focus teaching and learning towards maximizing student voice in learning and greater metacognitive understanding of how and why they are learning ? Teach vocabulary and reading comprehension strategies across the curriculum ? Differentiate instruction within your classroom ? Teach specific skills in context ? Focus on problem-solving and critical thinking ? Emphasize goal setting and reflection in student learning ? Develop and display current and relevant student work and rubric ? Implement and support effective Sustained Silent Reading practice in advisory daily ? Plan, support, and facilitate Student-Led Conferences twice a year and Expo at the end of the year Theory of Action: Collaboration ? Seek first to understand and assume positive intent ? Respect interdependency (be mindful of individual vs. group needs) ? Speak your truth ? Appreciate the contributions and efforts of others ? Maximize collaborative opportunities across and within grade levels and content areas ? Be open to and respectfully provide critical feedback to colleagues ? Work toward personal and community sustainability ? Support and take responsibility for the success and sustainability of others ? Support and take responsibility for the direction and development of the whole school ? Teach, support, and encourage student collaboration in and out of the classroom ? Participate in weekly grade level team meetings ? Complete progress reports with your team weekly ? Work within and across your department in weekly professional learning community work ? Serve on at least one site-level committee Theory of Action: Positive School Culture ? Implement and assume responsibility for school culture through common cultural practices and grade level agreements ? Implement the advisory curriculum as an advisory leader ? Emphasize school culture and expectations to ALL students ? Emphasize student responsibility and inclusion ? Cultivate and uphold policies that help create school culture ? Organize student work areas to maximize group learning ? Maintain a classroom culture that is positive and consistent with school culture ? Reward positive behavior and actions consistently ? Attend extracurricular events to support students Theory of Action: Family Involvement ? Value the partnership of families and all community stakeholders in the work of the school ? Collaborate with the Family Center Director in reaching out to parents ? Recommend and recruit families from your advisory to participate on the School Site Council (SSC) and other family involvement opportunities ? Host advisory family potluck at the beginning of the year ? Work to educate parents on curriculum and assessment processes ? Spend time each week communicating with families ? Participate in home visits where appropriate ? Plan, support, and facilitate Student-Led Conferences twice a year and Expo at the end of the year, maximizing student voice, ownership and participation in the conference



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