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Mission Statement

Our mission is to pro-actively prevent all types of impaired driving and to assist children that have been orphaned or injured by impaired driving crashes.


Our goals are to eliminate the two main excuses people use to drive impaired

  • I don’t want to leave my car behind
  • I don’t have the money to pay to get my car home

By offering to drive people AND their cars for them for about the same price as a taxi addresses goal #1 and our "pay us later" policy for SafeRide Service addresses goal #2. Yes we do charge a fee for our services but will provide service, "no questions asked", if someone does not have the money to pay for our services. All we ask anyone to do if they do not have some or our entire fee is to simply "pay us later".


We are truly grateful! Our volunteers are at the heart of our mission bringing a determination and compassion that help drive the organization to greater heights and accomplishments. By volunteering with us, you will experience first hand how it feels to save lives.

Whether you want to volunteer several times a week or once a year we have a place for you here at SafeRide America. Come and find out what so many have already experienced - a sense of pride in knowing you can truly make a difference.

If you've ever considered volunteering for a local non-profit community organization, but weren't sure which group to call or how beneficial your services would actually be then SafeRide America is just what you've been looking for!

SafeRide America Volunteer Driver Program
This program is for anyone that has a valid drivers license and just wants to make a difference. As a SafeRide America volunteer driver you can save lives by playing a critical role in our mission to pro-actively prevent impaired driving before it can happen.

SafeRide America Volunteer Program
This program is for anyone that cannot or does not want to drive, but still wants to help out. As a SafeRide America volunteer you can play a key role in our mission to pro-actively prevent impaired driving before it can happen by helping us out with numerous non-driving projects.

Court Appointed Community Service Volunteer Program
As a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, the SafeRide America Program qualifies as an acceptable way to fulfill court appointed community service.

Student Community Service Program
Volunteering with SafeRide America is a fun way to fulfill student community service requirements. If you need volunteer hours for class requirements or for your Fraternity or Sorority, SafeRide America has a volunteer opportunity for you.

Corporate Volunteer Program
Corporations that would like to make a difference in the community can easily do so here at SafeRide. Considering that many of our volunteer opportunities are available after 5PM and on weekends means the SafeRide America program can fit a variety of schedules. Additionally, we can accommodate groups of volunteers so we are a great way for any sized company to get involved and let the community know that you truly care.



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