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Mission Statement

It is our mission to affirm the cycle of life by enhancing the quality of living for those at the end of life. The Silverado standard is to care compassionately for patients and families and to empower those we serve to have quality of life options that afford them comfort and dignity.


Silverado Hospice honors the value of each life by empowering the patient and family to make supported choices in end-of-life care, enhancing comfort, relieving suffering and supporting effective grieving. We believe that Hospice patients have the right to continue life to the fullest extent possible according to their circumstances, and in fostering opportunities for growth and fulfillment. We further recognize patients and families decision-making rights in relation to continuing medical treatments and their right to withdraw treatment whose benefits are outweighed by their burdens. Silverado believes in equal opportunity and non-discrimination for our clients, our associates, and our community.


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Would you recommend Silverado Hospice?

by Virginia N. from CA (2013-07-02 10:45:08.0)
Marie, I am very sorry about not acknowledging your package. I so appreciate your effort in sending it, and would have refunded your postage and mileage, but I was let go a month or so earlier suddenly for no reason, and had no idea you had sent the package. I hope Lori put it to good use. If you contact me at Procare Hospice and let me know what the fabric was intended for--so I will know it is you--I will gladly refund your money and mileage. Thank you again!
by christina l. from West Hills, CA (2010-06-28 18:04:08.0)
I was volunteering there while Virginia was still around. After I completed my training I never heard back from her and a few months later I get a call from Lori saying that she was Virginia's replacement. We spoke right before the holiday season and I told her that she should call after the Holidays were over and I never got a call back from her. It's very unprofessional of them and I don't see how they are going to get volunteer's that way. I will NEVER volunteer there ever again.
by Marie G. from Marion, IL (2009-12-11 06:05:48.0)
I mailed them, per their request, seventeen pounds of fabric and yarn for a total of $20.00 in postage. I have contacted them thru e-mail 5 times to see if they received the box. Their lack of an acknowledgement is unprofessional and has prevented any further donations from us. Everyone is busy; I traveled 18 miles to mail them box. I would not recommend this organization because I have no idea if the box arrived, or if it was intended for the purpose they were stating.
by Tabitha H. from Dallas, TX (2009-06-19 19:59:45.0)
The main reason why I would recommend Silverado Hospice, is because my grandmother just passed away this March and she was placed on Hospice. It hurt(s) me to see her leave and she often talked about how lonely she was when were weren't there though we( my mother, brother, and sister) along with church members and long life friends of hers visted her as often as possible, which was very frequently at hours at a time, and sometimes spending the night. I want to make a difference in someone else's grandmother's life/death, someone who may not have anyone to keep them company. I want them to know that they are still loved and cared about, even by people who dont even know them.