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Mission Statement

The New Frankford Community Y is a 501(c)(3) a non-profit organization. The Y is partially housed in the Bromley-Garsed Mansion, which was built in 1866. In 1975, an addition was built onto the Mansion that included a heated pool, gymnasium, and fitness room.
From 1975-2009 the Y existed in different forms. It was open and available for community use for daycare programs, athletic programs, meeting spaces and more. In 2009, the NFCY closed its doors.
Unfortunately, since 2009 nothing has come of the Y and the gorgeous Pennsylvania-quarried brownstone in Second Empire style with its two-and-a-half stories and 20 rooms has been left to ruin.
Vandals broke in, stole all the copper, destroyed the walls, the beautiful wood railings, and a lot of the beautiful trim, dcor, mirrors, and huge antique windows. Drug users left empty needles everywhere and the cats and raccoons have taken over the joint.
The place is a sight for sore eyes, and a heartbreaking one to boot.


This letter is a plea to each and every one of you, our community, to help us save the Y! Not because it is a piece of our past, but because it is vital to our future.
The new board of directors have plans to develop programs that use this facility in a manner that benefits everyone. Our vision and our use of the building will be centered on enabling individuals to achieve more then what they have today.
GED courses, the training of trade skills, higher education and job location and placement will be the foundation of our programs as teaching a person to fish instead of giving them a fish creates a neighborhood where people care about themselves, their future, and their community. Further, support and social services including child care, personal fitness and aquatics will be offered as an intergraded plan of individual achievement.
We are committed to the restoration of the Y. However, commitment of the board will not be enough. Our future will be determined by your choice, right here, right now. What you do with this plea will determine our future and the further development of the community.
Please donate, remembering that, like the Y, abandonment leads to deterioration and eventual destruction. Please contribute to our future immediately and on a monthly basis and remember all donations are tax deductible as the Y is a non-profit 501(c)3.
Please give today!



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