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Mission Statement

The Outreach Program is a humanitarian non-profit corporation located in Des Moines and Union, Iowa with branch offices across the USA. Our mission is to provide safe water, food, medical care and education to children and those in need at home and abroad.


In 2003 after retirement, Floyd Hammer and his wife Kathy were invited to the village of Nkungi in Tanzania, East Africa to help a colleague add an AIDS hospice to a leprosy hospital in the village. As the weeks passed, they saw the region had problems that went far beyond AIDS. Hunger was taking a tragic toll on the young; they watched in disbelief as child after child died from starvation. Kathy said, "Floyd, we have to do something. We cannot allow these children to die like this!" So the couple purchased two truckloads of maize and traded the grain for grass baskets made by the women in the village. Kathy told the Mamas she would take the baskets to America and sell them and bring the money back to build a school for their children. That idea using the revenue earned through hard work and trade to pay for humanitarian relief became the funding model for Outreach and continues to this day. Outreach’s mission became and remains the fulfillment of those Four Promises: To provide safe water, food, medical care, and education.

Since 2004, Outreach has repaired wells and pumps, drilled new wells, and created solar-powered water purification systems both for villages and individuals. Medical professionals and support staff have been taken on medical missions and thousands of pieces of donated medical equipment. They have also built two children centers, which provide mid day meals to approximately 1,000 children each school day.



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