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Mission Statement

The Environmental Community is the membership organization for a unique green platform. The TEC mission is to create environmental, health and social change. TEC member organizations combine education, entertainment and advocacy acting as a gateway for activism. Like-minded groups and individuals will be united creating comprehensive solutions. The Environmental Education Center will provide Green Pathway along with other training programs. Collectively the TEC member organizations will enlighten the public and change how people live. Everything from the products people buy to the food that they eat. The primary mission is to work on saving Earth and humanity. With this in mind we are asking all individuals and companies to lend us your full support. Together we can create the changes that are needed to save humanity. This is your invitation to join The Environmental Community and to support Race To Save Earth!


The Environmental Community (TEC) represents environmental, health and green tech platforms. With 45 member organizations TEC is positioned to advance change. This green collective with its numerous portals and networks will accelerate change.

Individuals that are seeking a new career path should apply today at (EJC). EJC manages talent placement for both non-profits and for profit entities that are members of The Environmental Community.

Eco Job Corps oversees a wide variety of positions and assignments. As a result, talented and driven individuals gain experience with unmatched upward mobility. Managers should also read about Associates and Partner Programs at Power To Save The World.

This experience ultimately provides valuable insight into a wide variety of green business opportunities.

The platforms offer opportunities ranging from advocacy to green technologies. Everything from gaining experience to discovering a once in a lifetime career await talented and driven individuals.

Positions available through Eco Job Corps.net:

* Intern

* Associate Program

* Partner Program

In place of Volunteer positions EJC offers Intern positions (unpaid). A world of opportunities await those who are committed to ushering in global change.

Apply today!

NOTE: All for profit TEC Member entities donate ten percent (10%) to Race To Save Earth (RTSE). RTSE then distributes these funds to other non-profits toward facilitating social change, helping humanity and saving Earth.


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Would you recommend The Environmental Community?

by Alicia M. from River Ridge, LA (2017-05-31 14:24:47.0)
They wanted me to sign an agreement to pay a ridiculous amount of money if their information was breached. The conditions were ambiguous and vague as to how they would determine liability. The amount was at least $100,000.
by Pooja T. (2016-07-08 07:49:45.0)
3 years Back when I did not have my work permit and I was looking to enhance my computer skills I came across Web User Interface Designer The Environmental Community when I contacted them Anrew Tait the MD welcomed me . They encouraged me to Learn Word press which I came to know was very easy . But I thank him and Ladonna for helping me and encouraging me to Learn WordPress. WordPress is very easy User Interface. And thanks to Ladonna who was there every time I wanted her help. And After I got my work Permit the Experience I gained here helped me to secure a job With One Auctioneer who wanted maintain atleast 13 websites. Thank You Andrew and Ladonna from The Environmental Community.
by Yingqun C. from Baltimore, MD (2015-08-03 20:13:34.0)
I started volunteering with The Environmental Community in September of 2014. I have done everything from market research to creating statistical reports and presentations. In addition I learned WordPress and have built websites for several of the TEC member organizations. I was asked to join the management team in 2015 and after graduating I entered a Partners Program. It is an incredible opportunity and I am on target to finish the Partners Program during 2016. Since entering the Partners Program I have also been involved in HR. Working with the largest environmental, health and green tech platform of its kind is an incredible opportunity. I highly recommend students or talented and committed individuals to join The Environmental Community to discover a unique and challenging career path.
by Raznee D. from Flushing, NY (2009-02-02 14:14:23.0)
Because we human being has to do something to retain the natural beauty of this earth or universe