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Mission Statement

The American Dream Soccer Academy is dedicated to assisting under-privileged children in our nation learn and adopt a life-style enabling them to obtain higher education and become successful, productive Americans in the fast paced, highly competitive global economy. Through the sport of soccer, leaders in the community mentor ADSA student-athletes on the attributes that embody the American Dream such that all ADSA student-athletes achieve academically, athletically, and personally.


ADSA is a not for profit organization (ID#: 45-3589529) helping kids in your community obtain the positive experiences of advanced athletics in conjunction with educational and personal achievement. Our mission is to help immigrant and first generation children adopt the American Dream of self-driven success and to help them obtain college scholarships. We provide a means for youth players socio-economically barred from advanced athletic training with a means to "get in the game". We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty for our members.

The organization uses the sport of soccer as the outreach mechanism to bring deserving children together and teach them vital life lessons. The ADSA Motto is "effort, commitment, and contribution." All ADSA student-athletes are expected to put forth the effort to be successful in school and athletics. They are expected to maintain commitment to focusing on these productive activities to help each other and not be distracted by counter-productive activity. Lastly, they are expected to contribute to each other and ultimately when they are successful adults, to contribute back to their communities the same as ADSA contributed to them in their youth.

ADSA works daily to help deserving youth athletes in the community overcome the barriers to top level training, to stay out of trouble, to learn life skills, and ultimately to obtain college scholarships. Kids wearing the ADSA badge hold their heads a little higher and know they have a bright future.

Along the way, we strive to teach the principles of commitment, loyalty, individual accountability, leadership, and follower-ship. We provide financial support, mentoring, tutoring, and family support to kids in the community.



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