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Mission Statement

The Rescue Animal Mp3 Project mission is to donate, free-of-charge, 30 hours of pet calming music on Mp3 players to animal shelters and rescues across the US. We educate rescue organizations and shelter workers about the benefits of calming music, and how it helps the health and well-being of the animals in their facilities. Promoting relaxation through music can help animals and workers cope with the stress of shelter environments, improve the animals’ quality of life and support more loving adoptions.


Calming shelter animals through music.

Barking, meowing, whining, pacing, panting, shaking and hiding... These behaviors are all too common in animal shelters across the country. However, an increasing number of shelters house animals who are calm, restful, content and even purring. What’s the difference? The relaxed animals are part of the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project.

Founded by North Canton, Ohio holistic veterinarian Pamela Fisher, DVM, the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide calming music via Mp3 players to animal shelters and rescue groups across the United States. Thirteen international musicians agreed to generously donate their music for this project. Promoting relaxation through music can help animals cope with the stress of shelter environments and improve their quality of life. Dogs and cats who are calm and well-behaved are also more desirable to adopt, which increases their chance of acquiring forever homes.

Dr. Fisher’s love of animals and her desire to make a difference in their lives prompted her to undertake this special project. "My heart goes out to all shelter animals who spend each day frightened and unsure of what their future holds. I knew I needed to find a way to enrich their lives in these stressful conditions, and that passion resulted in the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project."

Clinical studies have documented that specific music vibrations, sounds and tempos can create a calming effect on animals. Dr. Fisher has repeatedly observed positive relaxation responses to this gentle music in both her holistic veterinary practice and area shelters. The Rescue Animal Mp3 Project’s committed volunteers have compiled a large variety of copyrighted music, all generously donated for their use. Mp3 players pre-loaded with this music are offered to animal shelters and rescue groups free of charge as a convenient way to fill their facilities with soothing melodies. Tax-deductible donations fund the purchase and distribution of Mp3 players; provide education to shelter staff about the benefits of music, calming techniques, shelter enrichments; and allow this organization to provide this comforting music to more and more shelters throughout the US.

In only 9 months, this new project has successfully installed our preloaded Mp3 players in more than 200 shelters in 46 states, benefiting over 25,000 animals since December 2011. Follow up evaluations document the rescued shelter animals to be 58% calmer, quieter and less stressed. The Rescue Animal Mp3 Project donates the music to non-profit and government-run shelters which house a minimum of ten dogs and cats which are available for adoption. While this may sound encouraging, it must be understood that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are over 5,000 ASPCA independent shelters, not to mention the nearly 3,000 government-run facilities where the quality of life for the animals (and workers) can be improved dramatically, with very little effort.

Comments from dog wardens and humane society directors are available on www.rescueanimalmp3.com/testimonials. We also invite you to view our video of the unbelievable calming effect of the music in a shelter at www.RescueAnimalMp3.org. Visit our website to learn more about this project, make a donation or apply for an Mp3 music loaded player for your shelter or rescue facility and for additional information contact info@RescueAnimalMp3.org or call 330-266-2500.

Your tax deductible support is greatly needed to help the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project improve the lives of all shelter animals. You can make a difference and possibly save a dog or cat’s life.

Rescue Animal Mp3 Project
Pamela Fisher, DVM Founder/ Director

7211 Wales Avenue NW, North Canton, OH 44720
330-266-2500 / fax 330-266-2501



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