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Mission Statement

Animal Rescue League (ARL)is an organization of people dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of domestic and feral animals, as well as educating the public about the responsibilities of animal care to further develop public awareness regarding care, conservation and the human-animal bond within the community.


Animal Rescue League (ARL) is a non-profit 501(c)3, all volunteer, sanctuary that rescues stray, abandoned and abused animals. ARL follows a No-Kill policy for all animals under its care. The organization rescues dogs on case by case bases but most of the animals that ARL rescues are "feral" cats who are between 2 to 19 years old. These animals come to Animal Rescue League physically abused, maimed, injured, elderly and what other consider to be hard-to-adopt or throw-a-way animals such as animals suffering with feline leukemia and feline aids. We bring these animals back to health while restoring their trust in human beings.

Contrary to the 'myth" that feral cats cannot be socialized...our experience at ARL has been that these types of cats are and, in fact, make wonderful pets. We believe these animals enrich your life.

All rescued animals receive veterinary care, socialization, and placement in homes through an adoption process involving careful screening and initial and follow-up home visits. Veterinary care includes an evaluation of the animal's physical health, all required vaccinations, spaying and neutering, microchip implantation, and treatment for illness or injury as needed.

Some of the rescued animals go into foster care homes and others go to our animal shelter. When you picture an animal shelter or a place to house multiple animals you usually think that there will be cages involved - lots and lots of cages. Animal Rescue League (ARL) however likes to think outside of the box or the cage in this case, and in 2005 opened their unique adoption center, Mason’s Place located in Galt, California.

Mason’s Place is a real house. Why did ARL choose a house for an adoption center facility? What better atmosphere for a homelike environment? Since ARL’s goal with every rescued animal is to place it in a loving, responsible home the first step to getting them there is to allow the animals to live in a real home environment and to not be confined. This allows the animals the ability to socialize with one another and helps in the transition to an adopted home where they will be able to easily live with other animals and family members. Mason’s Place is an environment where the public can meet the animals and see their true behavior.

Our motto is "It’s about the Animal" is only possible because of the dedication of the volunteers who join Animal Rescue League. Their dedication and love enrich the lives of these forgotten animals.

With support from volunteers we are able to reach out to the community and accomplish more in our rescue and adoption services and give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

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